Serengeti is software development outsourcing company based in Zagreb, Croatia designed to work with mid-size technology vendors primarily based in the Western Europe. While we also serve other industries and markets, our most enthusiastic clients recognize us for our unique approach to working with clients in a way that complements their existing engineering capabilities with capacity, technology skills and flexibility. Our model ensures a smooth transition of work to our teams and transition to offsite location.

Our primary service is Extended R&D Workbench. It is optimal outsourcing service for mid to long term engagements. Serengeti will provide you with right team size and skills to expand your own development team with capacity & expertise.

We build long term collaborations with our clients that results in win-win-win outcome for our clients, our employees and Serengeti.

Extended R&D Workbench

We offer a unique outsourcing model that is proven to be the most reliable and efficient for high growth companies that demand high flexibility and short time to market.

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Middleware Services

We design, develop, implement and maintain complex solutions tailored to specific business requirements that are based on proven middleware technologies.

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