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Meet Ivan – Our Chief Development Engineer and Head of FIYU Academy


It’s time to meet Ivan, our Chief Development Engineer and Head of FIYU Academy. A successful, dynamic, enthusiastic team that exudes a good atmosphere – these are the words he ascribes to Serengeti, and we agree that he shares these qualities, as well – that’s why he is such an important part of our team!

What is FIYU Academy?

FIYU Academy enables a faster introduction of developers to work with our FIYU platform, but it also helps our employees supplement their knowledge of technologies that they may lack and remain constantly up to date with new technologies and trends.

IT is a fast-changing profession that is constantly developing, so people have to invest a lot of energy to keep up to speed with everything that happens and get educated further. In Serengeti, it is Ivan who is the person who makes sure it works perfectly.

He manages the development and education of developers and user certifications, and at the same time, enables knowledge to be transferred to new users through modern and well-designed educations of various kinds. The will to share his knowledge has always adorned him, and he does not lack expertise by any means.

IT as His True Love

Ivan loves the IT world. Before becoming a part of the Serengeti team, he worked for a telecommunications giant for many years as Chief IT Architect. He participated in numerous projects from various fields, from CRM to ERP and OSS. In recent years, he has been working on projects related to establishing an internal cloud across EU subsidiaries.

He came to Serengeti from another IT company, where he worked as Chief Development Engineer. He is happy to work in Serengeti, especially because FIYU Academy allows him to share his experiences gained by working on numerous projects with his colleagues. With all that - he is always smiling!

Organic Cultivation of Plants in Free Time

Although he spends a lot of free time to keep up to date on innovations in the IT industry and to educate himself in new technologies, he does not lack additional time for hobbies. He likes to watch movies and TV shows, preferably crime fiction and Sci-Fi. Sci-Fi allows him to see predictions for the future and potential future problems and challenges – which he enjoys, and it shows that human imagination is unlimited. He claims that he cannot really boast with his cooking, except with his barbecue, but he is a huge gourmand and loves eating good food.

When he is not dealing with computers and technology, he helps his wife around the garden and the house, together with their children. Yeah, you heard it right!  In the countryside, they have a garden where they grow vegetables for personal use, and they see physical work in this sense as a good way to rest. They grow their vegetables organically – mainly from old onion seeds, tomatoes, and other vegetables. Although they have no material benefits from their garden, they enjoy the growth of vegetables and their freshness. They usually make preserves, most of which they give to their friends. They are especially proud of their shallots, which have a unique aroma. We have to admit it sounds great; we might ask him for a jar after this.

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