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This Is Ante. An Undisputable Connoisseur of Sports, Lead Business Analyst and Product Owner on the FIYU Platform


Our Lead Business Analyst and Product Owner on the development of the FIYU platform came to Zagreb several years ago, right after he graduated. He replaced his sunny hometown Split for the not-so-sunny Zagreb, but with a clear vision that this will be a good place for his professional advancement and growth.

Key Role in FIYU Development

FIYU is a rapid application development platform that provides clients with an all-around infrastructure for product development; it comes with ready-made modules and solutions.

Our FIYU team has set high goals for the platform, and one of them is certainly the quality of the final product. As the whole software development process is a very complex area which can go wrong in many places, SCRUM – as one of the most popular methodologies – has proven to be the best option for tracking activities and assignments.

Ante’s role on the FIYU platform is to take care of the backlog, to announce the user story, to lead grooming meetings and presales activities.

Passion for Sports

All kinds of sports that exist and that you can imagine – Ante actively follows. He really cannot miss any sports news. In addition to sports, he loves traveling and is a big foodie, so he often visits fine-dining restaurants.

One of the interesting things about Ante is the topic of his diploma thesis entitled “Outsourcing IT Projects”, which is a good link with our business model. Due to the topic of his diploma thesis, he even participated in the TV show “Social Network” where he spent the entire show talking to the host about his work.

First Business Experiences from the Banking Sector

He started to build his business experience as a programmer on databases and business applications for internal needs of one of the largest banking groups in the Eurozone. It is interesting to note that this banking group is one of our big clients. In the mentioned bank, he was promoted to the position of Tech Lead, where he took over the project of creating a mobile application and performed two large card migrations.

After gaining experience in the banking sector, he decided it was time for a change, and a fast-growing IT company seemed like a great opportunity for further development. How did we attract him?

Arrival in Serengeti

Ante heard about Serengeti via LinkedIn and applied for the job because Serengeti seemed to be a prosperous, fast-growing company.

After arriving in Serengeti, he realized that Serengeti was not just a “prosperous company”, but also that we offered many other benefits, as well. He liked the relaxed working atmosphere, interesting projects for domestic and foreign clients, and most of all the opportunity to work on Serengeti’s first product – the FIYU platform.

Ante is currently working on the position of Lead Business Analyst and Product Owner on the FIYU platform. He oversees the roadmap platform and the development of modules on it for Serengeti’s needs, as well as for the needs of our clients. He also deals with transition analysis for other projects. If there is a complaint from the user, Ante is the person who responds to the complaint, and he also coordinates and eliminates disagreements regarding the timesheet. If it seems to you that Ante is a person with very good communication and negotiation skills, you are right. There is no misunderstanding that he cannot resolve. Also, he does not lack charm, either.

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