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FIYU – For Whom It Is and When To Use It

Matija Pavelić, Director of strategy and development

FIYU, our Rapid Application Development platform is live! After 2 years of rather intensive development, we launched it on 1 April 2021, and it was not an April Fool’s joke. First, I would like to congratulate all involved teammates, from Development to Marketing – more than 50 people worked hard to make it happen. Thank you all.

Now is the time for a detailed explanation of the basic aspects of FIYU. In this blog post I will try to answer the most basic questions – who should use FIYU and when.

When we first envisioned FIYU, the idea was to build a Rapid Application Development platform for everyone. So, no matter whether you are a small startup or a big enterprise, or even an IT vendor or a digital agency, you can use FIYU. Furthermore, FIYU is domain-agnostic; it can help any company, from finance to retail, from industrial manufacturing to public. The main difference is when it is suitable to use FIYU.

Reasons for Using FIYU

When you need a project to be completed ASAP

FIYU is the best choice for when deadlines are fixed, or you need to deliver something that works ASAP. It saves time thanks to the pre-developed common modules and predefined infrastructure components. Otherwise, you need to develop or configure them on your own. You can focus on the exact business logic that you have to deliver without additional burdens or time efforts spent on solving common problems in development. Thanks to FIYU, the direction of development efforts can be changed instantly.

When you need to test your prototypes

As a Rapid Application Development platform, FIYU is suitable for fast prototyping. You can start your project off very simple, with a few basic functionalities. Then a solution is presented to a pool of users who can provide reliable feedback on your prototypes. Prototypes built through the Rapid Application Development Model depend on the feedback from previous iterations. FIYU can provide development of new version or functionality in less than a sprint.

When you have a fixed budget

Development on FIYU is relatively inexpensive. The main reason being that it comes with many predeveloped modules and functionalities, as well as with proven infrastructure components. All this significantly lowers the development price and puts focus on real business problems that need to be solved.

FIYU in Everyday Business

We identified a few real-world scenarios when to use FIYU:

Startup Aiming To Build a B2B Platform

A startup with initial funding, aiming to develop a modern, scalable, and robust B2B platform for supply and demand of industrial manufacturing. Modern architecture is a must, but they also need to use the best practices of project management and DevOps. Because they are building from scratch, it is not only important to provide an agile approach but to document and perform automated testing. This is mandatory. Documentation is necessary because they plan to onboard additional developers over time, as the platform will grow. The platform must be installed on AWS.

Big Enterprise in Need of a Customized Application

A big enterprise that is planning on purchasing a customized application for a specific business process. The required features are defined. The contract will be given to the company which offers the lowest price and the shortest delivery time. The customer will provide all necessary hardware.

IT Vendor That Develops Tailor-Made Applications

An IT vendor needs to develop a specific tailor-made application for their customer and lacks expertise in building modern progressive applications accessible from desktop and from mobile. The application was not specified well, but both the budget and the delivery date are fixed.

IT Vendor That Wants to Modernize Their Product

An IT vendor for an intralogistics WMS needs to modernize their flagship product with 30 years of experience in building their product – plans on creating a new version of the product. The current version is rather outdated (a fat client installed on user desktop). It is using monolithic architecture and lots of legacy components that do not provide modern application distribution and access (from Android mobile devices and web browser). They plan to start by rewriting the graphical interface and then incrementally modernize the backend logic (from logic stored in DB procedures to microservice backend). The new version has improved user experience, a limited cost of implementation according to the ‘code once, use many times’ principle, fast and simple development (focused on scalable architecture and proven programming concepts) and it uses modern technologies to attract new developers.

Those are the most typical reasons and use cases when companies should think about using FIYU as the best solution for Rapid Development. Furthermore, FIYU is an excellent solution for companies that want to use proven and modern technologies, regardless of whether they are startups, enterprises, or IT vendors. Nevertheless, FIYU has many more features that cannot be described in a single blog post, so please download our FIYU Product Sheet for more details or reach out to us – we will be glad to discuss how FIYU can help you with making your development faster.

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