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Continuous innovation to push the boundaries of what is possible. Welding technology, photovoltaics, and battery charging technology that attracts clients. To maintain competitive advantage, the focus of investments in R&D is increasingly shifting to advanced software functionalities. Serengeti and Fronius achieved longterm cooperation, supporting Fronius to achieve ambitious growth plans.

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Fronius is one of the leading global technology companies, directing its expertise and skills into three business units: Perfect Welding, Perfect Charging and Solar Energy.  The company is known in the welding segment as a market leader, delivering the highest quality.

Fronius advanced welding systems, as the pinnacle of technology, are used by companies worldwide. All of the stated business units have the same goal –to push the boundaries of what is possible with continued innovation.

With efficiency and unbeatable quality, Fronius attracts clients throughout the world with its welding technology, photovoltaic solar systems, and battery charging technology, regularly receiving national and international awards for its products and solutions. To maintain its competitive advantage, the focus of investments in R&D is increasingly shifting to advanced software functionalities. The company currently has 4.500 employees.

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Fronius placed on hold its planned development and finalization of Interface Designer project. It was result of unavailability of its internal team due to support tasks related to current operations.

Interface Designer is application from Fronius core business activity, allowing professional welders to set up various types of configuration signals for welding. It also allows communication with various types of welding equipment by using intuitive Drag & Drop interface.

Development of this application is significant for Fronius because it is unique, innovative and advanced solution that provides a competitive advantage in precision welding industry, where competition is increasingly pronounced.

Fronius prepared the project requirements and the architecture in cooperation with the university in Linz. Given that it is an innovative and technically demanding concept, a more extended period was necessary for complete implementation.

Despite the client’s initial reluctance in engaging external company to work on internal project, Serengeti became a key partner for Fronius. 

Serengeti handles Interface Designer application, it is a full cycle service,  which includes requirements specification, development, testing,  and maintenance. After successful  Interface Designer implementation cooperation expanded to DevOps implementation, development of Solar  Web Cloud application, as well as development of embedded software for managing Solar Inverters.


Using the unique Team Extension model, which includes Serengeti’s over 10 years of experience in setting up and leading distributed teams, Serengeti formed an independent team for development of Interface Designer application.   

Because of high engagement of crucial technical people in Fronius on other projects, it was important for the team to work autonomously and maximally effective. This was responsibility of Serengeti’s team leader who knows business requirements well. He was negotiating and clarifying Sprint backlog with Fronius and transferring agreed requirements to other team members.  

After nine months of development first version of application was completed and implementation of new functionalities was continued. By being familiar with Fronius core business and extensive technical competencies, Serengeti with proactive approach improved the application in its technical and functional aspect. 

Serengeti delivered a set of XML files with specific configurations whereby manual configuration was avoided, thereby reducing the possibility of errors. 


A short “time to market” period enabled Fronius to complement its offer to clients with additional sources of revenue and to strengthen its market position.

The application, which was on hold for a long time, was completed in a short period.

Using a consultative, proactive approach, its extensive technical competencies and industry know-how, as well as understanding user’s business requirements, Serengeti consulted Fronius on additional possibilities of advanced technology usage.

The cooperation that began with development of Interface Designer application expanded to include application testing, support to Fronius in its migration to Cloud and development of Solar Cloud web application, implementation of DevOps and development of embedded components for Solar Inverters.

Serengeti’s development team is continuously growing even after two years.

Serengeti and Fronius achieved longterm cooperation, allowing Fronius to shorten time to market period, to take advantage of full potential that technology offers in its operations and to achieve its ambitious plans for growth.

Serengeti has provided us with a team that we are impressed with since the very beginning of our cooperation. They quickly achieved high productivity and team stability with low management overhead. Encouraged by their extraordinary results, we have expanded our collaboration to other divisions.

Phillip Trinkfass

Head of hardware and software development, BU Perfect Welding at Fronius

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