Monolith vs microservices - illustration


Breaking down a monolithic application to microservices - real world examples and tips we use in our .net world

For our next steps, I wanted to give you a few real-world examples of designing and developing microservices that we use in our .NET world.

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Breaking down monolith to microservices


Breaking down a monolithic application to microservices – where to start?

This approach might not be possible for every part of your system but you’d be surprised in how many cases you can implement it.

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Engineering team


The importance of engineering team stability

Turnover can be especially bad for engineering / development teams, because losing crucial knowledge from a dev team can set back the entire road map. If a great performer in marketing leaves, that would also be a loss, but the tactics of marketing can usually be picked up by the rest of the team. When a great developer leaves, though, you lose both knowledge and skill that can have massive implications for future product/service development.

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