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A unique opportunity to try to work with FIYU - Serengeti’s FIYU Roadshow

Lucija Babić, Content and Communications Specialist

FIYU, a solution for rapid application development in Java Spring Boot and Angular, was launched onto the market in 2021. Since it’s a relatively new product on the market, the best way to see how it works and which benefits it brings is to try it.  

Since FIYU can shorten software development time by up to 80%, Serengeti is preparing a unique two-hour workshop where attendees will see the magic. In just two hours they will be able to try FIYU PaaS and develop an application ready for use.

Who will hold the workshop?

The manager for FIYU development and his core team will lead attendees through this rapid development. Saša Ivičević, Director of Software Engineering – Internal development and FIYU Platform Development Manager, and Luka Jerković, Senior Frontend Developer, are the workshop facilitators. Also, other members of the FIYU team will join the workshops depending on the city in which the workshop is held since Serengeti has several offices in different cities. FIYU Roadshow will be held in 5 cities: Zagreb, Split, Varaždin, Beograd and Sarajevo.

For whom the workshop is intended?

FIYU Workshop is intended for Senior Frontend Developers familiar with Angular Framework and have at least 3 years of experience working with it. Also, attendees must be familiar with Java Backend and reactive programming.

Scope of the workshop

Serengeti will provide laptops for the FIYU Roadshow on which attendees will be able create an application according to the prepared use case – development of solution that will help people with hearing impairment to communicate. FIYU, as a PaaS, has preinstalled modules and the environment for the application development, which significantly reduces the app development time and attendees will see how it works in real life together with the source code and servers. In other words, the entire infrastructure that will allow workshop attendees to immediately see the benefits and speed of the FIYU PaaS will be provided.

By the end of the workshop, attendees will have a web application that has solved the exact business case and is ready for usage or further development.

Few words about FIYU itself

Built-in modules

FIYU, thanks to its built-in modules, is a unique solution for rapid application development. Modules are “alive” and the FIYU team constantly improving them and developing new ones. Based on the initial needs, six basic modules have been developed since now. To name them: Platform Management Module, Organization Management Modul, User Management Module, Notification Management Module, E-mail Management Module and Document Management Module. The idea behind this is that with the FIYU PaaS users get the whole package of additional services that are repetitive tasks because every application must have those core functions. Thanks to the described solution, FIYU is ready for the development of specific application features needed by the end user. 


Since every company, and even every project, have different needs and industry specifics, FIYU is available in a few license modules. FIYU can be used by one developer or whole development team, as well as by software architects, regardless of company size. Such an offer allows each company to choose a model that fits them best. These are Community, Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. They differ in development environment, set of additional functionalities, deploy to production capabilities, etc. For those who would like to test basic functions, there is a one-month free trial period with Source code and an AWS server. For those who just want to take a look, there is a demo version. All of this can be found on the FIYU website.

If you would like to check if FIYU is the best solution for your business, join the FIYU Roadshow. All the details about each workshop can be found on the event page.


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