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Catch us if you can: DevzMeetup Varaždin (27.04.2022.)

Marko Kaselj, Marketing Specialist

DevzMeetup is a local gathering in Varaždin, Croatia whose purpose is to connect developers, designers, and everyone eager to learn something new in IT. It is held every couple of months and through its half-hour presentations held by guest participants, DevzMeetup highlights successful business stories in IT, new technologies and trends, and the lectures cover a variety of topics in IT including design, freelancing, new trends in the startup scene, and entrepreneurship.

The goal of the meetup is to share knowledge and best practices in IT and encourage networking amongst industry experts and participants with similar backgrounds.

The 23rd edition of DevzMeetup is scheduled for this Wednesday, April 27th, in the Varaždin Technology Park's Multimedia Hall with the program starting at 5:30 PM. Serengeti's Product Manager, Zijad Redžić, will be holding a lecture about the application of Rapid Application Development (RAD) platforms in developing complex software solutions.

RAD platforms are experiencing an increase in popularity as there is a push for digitalization and automation of processes in many industries since the onset of the pandemic. Zijad will, in his lecture, explain the practical applications of RAD platforms as exemplified in Serengeti's product - FIYU, a full-code RAD platform. RAD platforms like FIYU are applicable in large enterprises as well as startups. Thanks to FIYU’s complex architecture, scalability and modularity which are woven into the core of RAD in general, it has a wide range of applications spanning many industries. In his presentation, Zijad will present two case studies showcasing FIYU's scalability and adaptability in order to satisfy the end user's needs.

Be sure to come next Wednesday to see Zijad's presentation which will start at 6:20 PM.

Some other interesting talks will include a presentation about Ethereum Smart Contracts by Krešimir Grofelnik, a software development consultant in Internet-of-Things (IoT), Natural Language Processing, and Blockchain technologies. As transactions around the world are becoming ever more frequent and complex, smart contracts will become a key role in securing obligations for all parties of any contract. Krešimir will talk about how to write a „simple contract” in the programming language Solidity and then publish it on Ethereum.

Following all of the lectures there will be an informal social around 7 PM. According to the organizers, beer and pizza will be provided so bring your party hats! If you ask us, we can't wait until Wednesday. As Serengeti has a development center in Varaždin, we are looking forward to gathering and spending time with our colleagues. We are excited to share our knowledge with tech enthusiasts from the beautiful baroque town of Varaždin.

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