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Students visited our office in Split

Marko Kaselj, Marketing Specialist

Last year, we opened our beautiful office in Split, located directly in the heart of the town – the Riva. Even before that, we became part of the local IT professional community embodied in the Split Tech City initiative.

It was only a short time before we started to organize the first events in our office. In the middle of last September, our director of engineering for internal engagements, Saša Ivičević, held a meetup about Reactive architecture. A month passed, and our senior software engineer Luka Jerković held a meetup about RxJS and its best practices in Angular.

In cooperation with Split Tech City, we decided to host an event for the local student community, and they visited our premises on Friday, March 10th.

A warm welcome to the students was organized by the director of marketing and business development, Ana Milas, and the director of internal development, Saša Ivičević.


In the beginning, Ana held the company presentation to the students and said more about Serengeti and its operations over the past 15 years. She explained that Serengeti's expertise mainly concerns the financial industry, industrial manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, hospitality, and energy sectors. She told curious students about her experiences working with well-known clients from Western Europe, Great Britain, United States.

It was interesting for the students to listen to stories and first-hand experiences, after which Saša told them more about our Shadow Developer program, during which each student working for Serengeti is assigned a mentor with whom they can learn and work on real projects. Saša also spoke about our first product, the PaaS (Platform as a Service), full-code RAD platform, FIYU


"FIYU is a full-code platform for RAD (Rapid Application Development). Scalable, with pre-defined modules, speeds up software development by up to 80% and is suitable for enterprise companies and startups."

People in Split will have more opportunities to hear about this platform at the FIYU Road Show workshops planned in Zagreb, Split, Varaždin, Bjelovar, and Belgrade. The workshop in Split is scheduled for the end of April, so we invite you to follow the pages of Split Tech City and book your place on time!

At the end of Ana and Saša's presentations, hangout including fritters, small gifts giveaway, and a pleasant chat ensued, and the students shared their impressions.


Nikolina, an economics student and design intern at the DUMP association:

"It was great. A pleasant atmosphere and a friendly team that was ready to answer all our questions. I'm glad I had the opportunity to see how they work and what opportunities they offer."

Tea, a student of Trade and Tourism Management:

"I enjoyed today's tour. I was very impressed by the company, and hearing about its history and development was interesting. The conversation with the Serengeti team and other participants of the tour motivated me a lot and encouraged me to want to learn more about the IT world and applications. I realized this world consists of many smaller parts and would like to find myself in one."

We want to thank the partners from Split Tech City for their support and participation in the organization of this visit and to invite all the IT community members in Split to follow our website and the website of Split Tech City. Expect many more great events and gatherings from Serengeti's kitchen!

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