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We launched a unique Rapid Application Development platform - FIYU

Lucija Babić, Content and Communications Specialist

After developing the platform for our own needs and successful implementation at one of our clients, we realized that we have a hit product for the global market; a new standard for developing custom software solutions that significantly shortens the time to market.

In today's development world, a combination of quality and speed wins in the IT and digital industry. Globally, revenues from the digital world are constantly growing, as many want to compete in the market and the competition is both big and global – so the speed of time-to-market is one of the key parameters for success. Our solution will accelerate this path of product development for many companies.

As we are an IT consulting company specialized in the development of complex business applications, with 13 years of experience and over 300 projects in various industries, we presented our first product ready for use in the global market – FIYU.

FIYU is a solution that accelerates application development by up to 80%, it includes all elements of software development; it is modular and based on the proven development practices.

Numerous Application Possibilities

FIYU is a Rapid Application Development platform intended for all companies that develop their own software, whether they are IT companies, start-ups, or enterprises. In addition, it is a great solution for companies that do not want the vendor lock-in. It can be used when developing solutions from scratch, as well as when modernizing legacy systems, regardless of the industry in which the client operates.

FIYU is a platform that provides a complete basis for the rapid development of custom applications. Numerous projects and collaborations with our clients who are leaders in their industries have shown what the development lacks,” Goran Kalanj, CEO and Owner of Serengeti, stated. He added, “FIYU has many benefits for customers, but I am most proud of the team that is dedicated to working on it because  the whole idea of developing our own product has been used to elevate professional and soft skills of our developers.

We have been intensively developing this solution for the past two years, primarily for our own needs, meaning that we were our own platform’s first user. The idea came from the need to have a solution tailored to our business processes in the short term. When developing the solution, we wanted to combine the knowledge gained so far and offer customers a comprehensive solution. Thus, FIYU offers its customers an appropriate front-end and back-end infrastructure based on proven technologies. There is also appropriate documentation, quality assurance, and a WARP stack that combines technologies, methodologies, and best practices of application development, which is why the user can smoothly move on to the independent development of the custom part of their application. In addition to faster development, companies can significantly save time and human resources, as well as avoid the trial-and-error phase, which is often reflected in the instability of the development team.

With new requirements, challenges, opportunities, rapid technological development, we sought additional external knowledge and experience to complement and modernize our products and solutions and to provide the best possible user experience. We have found Serengeti, a team consisting of highly knowledgeable and reliable individuals who are ready for any challenge at any time," said Matej Stipič, Director of Atlas at Epilog d.o.o.

The Rocket, A Symbol of Speed

Just like the company, it is impossible not to notice that the platform has an interesting name: FIYU. The name was chosen because it is perfect fit for global market, but again contains a local note as it refers to speed.

Serengeti’s Head of Marketing, Ana Milas commented: “Serengeti is a bold company that is taking a brave step on to the world development scene – that’s why we have refreshed our visual identity, taking into consideration that our new outfit is meant for the world scene, but it should also reflect our personality. That is why it’s called FIYU – the name comes from a colloquially used expression for speed, and it is pronounceable in different language speaking areas. The rocket indicates FIYU’s main benefit, the rapid launch of a product onto the market. The slogan itself is also meant to indicate speed: Shift into high gear.

FIYU is a platform that combines proven methodologies and technologies into a solution with which the customer can immediately start developing digital custom applications; moreover, it also solves the problem of finding the best technology for a particular product. The platform also has a great advantage because modular solutions cover the initial part of every business logic, so companies do not have to spend resources on the development of universal parts that every piece of software needs to have, as they are almost identical to all solutions.

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