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Benefits of Microservices Implementation [FREE: WEBINAR + CHECKLIST]


A distributed architecture that consists of several isolated modules that work together and form a greater whole – that’s microservices.

Prior to microservices, applications were based on monolith structures. Compared to a microservice infrastructure, monoliths are neither flexible nor scalable.

In times of crisis (and in general when it comes to industries that deal with seasonality, rapid growth or rapid downfall), there is no doubt that companies need to deal with challenges in a fast and cost-efficient manner. These days, when the whole world is facing a crisis, this becomes more important than ever.

Free webinar

That's why we prepared a free 30-minute webinar to present the challenges and benefits of microservices implementation plus bonus content – a checklist.

In this webinar we have covered:

  • Microservices vs monolith architecture
  • Our experience with implementing microservices within a card processing company
  • Business benefits of microservices implementation

Together, our Senior Software Developer Nebojša Pongračić and our Head of Marketing Ana Milas, presented why companies should move from cost-inefficient monolith architecture and what are the immediate benefits of microservices implementation in business. Furthermore, the whole webinar is based on a real project we are working on.

Take a look:

Identify the weaknesses of monolithic architecture

Be sure to download our Checklist “When is it time to move from monoliths to microservices?“. It will help you identify the weaknesses of temporary monolithic architecture, showing you the signs that you should move to microservices and gain the benefits presented in the webinar.

You can download it easily by clicking the button below:

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