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Digital Transformation – More About People Than Technology

Digital transformation might appear different for each company, so it can be difficult to find a universal concept or a definition that applies to all. We can describe digital transformation as integrating digital technologies into all business sectors, resulting in profound changes in how businesses function and give value to consumers. Digital transformation of a company cannot be done overnight, nor does it represent another new technology addition to the business. It represents a change in the way the company works, a shift in the culture and mindset of both employees and leadership.
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7 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Trends

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become very popular. This technology provides companies with insight into trends in customer behavior and company business patterns, as well as assistance in developing new products. Some of the largest companies, such as Google and Facebook, use machine learning in the basics of their operations. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted new applications and technological improvements in the industry. It has accelerated AI adoption in fields such as healthcare, where AI-based technology and applications are widely used.
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Valamar - Seamless digital transformation of one of the leaders in holiday tourism

Even though hospitality companies nowadays have their in-house development teams and IT departments, the truth is that many of them are simply small or inexperienced. That is why big and appreciated hospitality companies are teaming up with their software development counterparts. This is the precise reason why we can proudly say that we were trusted partners in one of these transformation paths. Together with our client, respected hospitality company Valamar Riviera, we have dived into this process, and we can say that results exceeded our mutual expectations  when we started the project.
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9 Use Cases of Machine Learning in Logistics

At today's fast-changing market, the whole logistics system is customer-service focused. Customer service is defined by the timely, dependable and accurate delivery of undamaged items. Today, traditional logistics operations are being transformed by technology, forcing supply chain leaders to adapt. One of the technologies that transform this sector is machine learning.
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Applications of Computer Vision

Computer vision impacts every aspect of our life whether it be a doctor’s visit, driving yourself to work, or using an Instagram filter on your smartphone. The pandemic and the rollout of 5G technology have been catalysts for the implementation of more computer vision technology, namely driverless cars and other IoT applications.  
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Software Development Outsourcing Models: Which one to use and when

Are you a company in the post pandemic period and are struggling to keep up with demand? Luckily, despite the increased challenges in 2022, there are many solutions to augment and extend your IT team immediately without the added costs and time to hire new employees. This article will outline how the fix cost, staff augmentation, and team extension models work and which model will best service your needs, especially as companies face the additional challenge of staffing shortages in this post pandemic period.
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Software Outsourcing as a Response to The Great Resignation 

After the Great Depression in the 1930s and the Great Recession in 2008, the year 2021 was characterized by the Great Resignation - a phenomenon that marked the business world through the second year of the pandemic. Given the global situation that has prevailed for two years, resignations among healthcare workers who are on the front lines of the pandemic did not come as a surprise. But where do software developers fit in?
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Robotic Process Automation – Should We be Afraid of Robots?

RPA is a form of Business Process Automation that allows the user to define a set of instructions that the software robot will perform on the computer instead of the user. It is a blend of different technologies brought together under one instrument, for automation purposes. RPA is a type of automation that involves software combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence, instead of using physical robots – like in large production facilities. Watch our Online Meetup, and find out more about the benefits and advantages of RPA.
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AI in Finance – Use Cases and Challenges

BFSI is one of the industries where AI/ML is causing significant upheavals in 2021 and beyond. Despite the pandemic, interest in AI and ML implementation has been resilient. According to a survey conducted by the Bank of England, around 40% of respondents said that the relevance of machine learning for future operations has increased, with 10% of institutions on a significant rise. The relevance of machine learning has not decreased at any of the banks. The financial sector is heavily utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and simplify processes.
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A Talk with Our Client – The Importance of Digitalization in the Hotel and Tourism Sector

In an interview with Mirko Gudelj, Vice President Business Technology at Protel hotelsoftware GmbH from Dortmund, Germany, we talked about the importance of digitalization in the hotel and tourism sector and what the advantages of its use in the race against the competition are.
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