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What it Means to Trust Your Product: The Practice and Philosophy of Dogfooding

The term "dogfooding" is a colloquial expression that traces its roots to the phrase "eating your own dog food." This expression has gained popularity in the tech industry, although its exact origin is disputed. One narrative suggests that this colloquialism was popularized by Microsoft in the 1980s, when Paul Maritz, a Microsoft executive, sent an […]
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In-house Software Solutions as a Competitive Advantage for Smart Industry

The integration of industrial manufacturing and IT development has never been stronger: information technology and operational technology are merging, with software becoming an indispensable factor for success. While machines and hardware remain essential, there is a growing demand for solutions based on advanced software technologies. The first rule with technologies is to understand them, and the second rule is knowing when and how to apply them. This is where software development consulting companies come into play.
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Can Artificial Intelligence Boost Hospitality Business

Can artificial intelligence offer something better than a person who personally presents a specific service to a guest and checks their satisfaction? How will we address data security and privacy issues for guests and service providers? Are open-source AI tools good and safe enough for implementation in the hospitality industry? These are the questions and situations that arise with the use of artificial intelligence.
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Understanding the role of legal affairs specialist in IT Company

While the IT business is mainly viewed as endless lines of code and solving complex problems, today I am offering a look at this industry from a slightly different angle – from the perspective of an in-house legal counsel. If you've ever wondered what the tasks of a legal advisor in an IT company are, how we support the daily operation and the long-term growth of the company, and what are the challenges that come with this role, then allow me to humbly offer my perspective.
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Advanced Analytics for Elevating Success in the Hospitality Sector

In this blog post, we will highlight how advanced analytics can help with optimizing pricing strategies, personalizing experiences, anticipating demand fluctuations and enhancing overall guest satisfaction. It provides hospitality providers with valuable insight on how analytics can be used to stay ahead of the industry trends, maximize revenue, optimize resources and enhance guest loyalty.
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The Impact of Technology on the Hospitality Online Brand Reputation

Thanks to the electronic word-of-mouth, we live in an age where with just a few clicks it is possible to find out everything about the experiences of others with any product or service. Yes, reviews can make or break a business. It's the same in a highly competitive industry such as hospitality. With the rise of online review platforms and social media, the opinions and experiences shared by guests have a significant impact on a hotel's reputation and success. To ensure a steady flow of positive reviews, hospitality providers need to make sure they deliver a unique and satisfying guest experience at every touch point. This brings us to digital competitiveness that plays a crucial role in empowering both guests and hotel staff.
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The Power of Long-Term Partnerships in Software Development Outsourcing

Did you know that around 53% of European companies have difficulty finding IT professionals? Challenges in hiring skilled professionals was the initial reason many businesses sought to outsource. The worldwide IT outsourcing market was worth $66.52 billion in 2019. It is expected to grow to $395 billion by 2022 and surpass $585 billion by 2027. This expected growth indicates that the majority of businesses use IT outsourcing. Long-term collaborations in software development outsourcing could be a game-changer for companies looking to maximise their potential.
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Process And Deliver Data As Soon As They Are Generated Regardless Of System

There is no business immune to data generation. The rate of data generation is incredible, and companies must find a way to manage data streams in real time, almost as they are generated. Furthermore, in every business there are different systems used for everyday operations, which means that it can be very difficult to manage it all and get the right data in one click.
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Empowering Growth - Optimal Timing for Engaging External Software Development Partners

In a previous article, I wrote about the debate between developing software internally or relying on an external partner. By combining internal and external software development teams, companies can achieve balance, mitigate risks, leverage external expertise, foster knowledge sharing and strengthen their software development capabilities for growth and success. In this article, I will talk about the importance of the right timing for engaging external software development partners.
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The Value of Collaboration: How Working with an External Partner Strengthens Internal Software Development

Companies lacking experience in collaborating with external partners often contemplate whether they should initiate a cooperative relationship with a software development partner or continue exclusively expanding their software development capabilities through internal hiring. Developing software completely internally or completely with an external partner is not a good option. Based on our experience, the optimal approach is to have an internal software development department while strengthening it with the support of an external partner. This is especially important for high-growth companies.
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