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COVID, Chaotic and Crazy: But a logical opportunity for software development outsourcing


We have been living with COVID-19 since mid-March, if not before. At this point, we have thousands of different studies, applications of science, ideas about returning to work, articles about how it will impact every single industry, and more. We still don’t have a vaccine, or multiple vaccines, unless you count the Russian one. The pandemic has dominated discussion globally for roughly five-six months. There are lots of different things we could discuss here regarding COVID-19, but we are going to keep it relatively simple: within the context of our business models and what we do to help others, we want to explain why the chaos of COVID has helped software development outsourcing be a logical idea for businesses.

First: speed

We operate with a DevOps philosophy. You may look at that and think “Oh, OK, they do Linux and Windows.” That is part of it, yes. But DevOps is bigger than that. It means that you can embrace agile frameworks and that agility helps you deliver innovative services to end users faster. The only real path through to revenue right now, because so much is uncertain with opens and closings and lockdowns and vaccines, is innovation. If you get something to market quickly that serves a need, it will be consumed. Innovation is the path, and it requires an agility and rapid deployment. That can only happen with DevOps, which puts development and agility at the front of any process.

Second: cost/value

Software development outsourcing is valuable because you get expertise at scale, and expertise across multiple disciplines. It’s much harder to replicate that when you are hiring in-house. It’s also valuable because the outsourced developers have knowledge from previous projects they’ve worked on, often within your industry. You get hand-vetted, well-trained, results-driven, and knowledgeable development teams. Again, that’s very hard to get when hiring in-house. If you get it, it’s often the result of a mix of skill and luck. You don’t need luck when outsourcing; you just need to research potential partners and determine who has the skills and background to move your goals forward.

Software development outsourcing is not cheap, and we wouldn’t even argue that the primary value is cost -- although for the value, the cost is right, and if you need to cost contain because of revenue drops during the pandemic, it makes more sense than hiring outright for someone who might not have the skills you need at the moment.

Third: flexibility

We are going to see a lot of pivots in business coming up. A company that focused on one product may realize there’s a lot less demand for that product and pivot to something else. You are already seeing examples of this.

Well, let’s say you hired a complete in-house team focused on automated testing, just as an example. But, as your business pivots because of the pandemic, you don’t need to do as much automated testing. Now you have a whole team of people with the wrong skills for what you need right now.

You do not face this problem with outsourcing because if your business pivots and needs to be flexible on a new project, the outsourcing partner (in this case, us) has the talent to move to a new project for you, even if we have to change some of the team members you are working with.

No one expected 2020 to end up like this as the year was beginning. We all should be thinking more about flexibility. And software development outsourcing is the best way to gain that flexibility and ensure that projects stay on track, or new projects can be developed quickly.

Fourth: A remote-friendly ecosystem

The whole picture around returning to work is messy right now. It looks like the biggest tech companies in the world are saying July 2021 at earliest, so we have a long way to go. But, if a team wasn’t remote-friendly to begin with, they are often still playing catch-up around tools, tech, processes, systems, and even daily motivation. (The motivation inside an office vs. at home is very different for people.)

You need to find a partner that already had the remote ethos in its culture. We’ve had that before too; we want the best developers on our team for your projects. We’ve had teams working remotely and since COVID-19, we’ve transitioned almost all of our project teams to collaborating remotely with their clients. We know what we’re doing in that area.

Any questions? Let us know.

We’d love to help you innovate, drive new products, save money, gain value, and have an expert team working alongside you during all this chaos. Pick a suitable time and schedule a call/online meeting with our sales and find out more about nearshoring software development services. We'll contact you back.

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