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Why Is 5G Technology Important for the Healthcare Industry?

It is predicted that 5G – which provides data transfer at high speed with low latency – will cause revolutionary changes in many industries. It seems that the improved connection speed is also going to redefine the doctor-patient relationship.
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Functionalities of Business Applications

When you think about the functionalities and features an app should have, you know that it should be covering the business function for which it was intended. The only question is whether this is enough and what additional functionalities and components should an app have to best meet user needs?
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Big Data Trends

It is nowadays becoming clear that big data has caught on in many businesses areas and has a strong potential to be the game changer in every businesses path to success. So, keeping up whit the trends in big data usage may be just the thing your business needs
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The Incremental System Replacement: Why Is It Good for You?

After having analyzed the options and ensured business strategy alignment, you have decided to replace your current system. The next step is to select an approach for moving forward. Your options are either to build a new system and to replace the old one at once or to take a phased approach and gradually introduce […]
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Focus on Real Business Values in Software Development

Software development is a rather complex process. It is a process that creates a computer source code using a specific programming language. Usually, we combine several programming languages. The primary goal of this process is to develop software that addresses a unique business or personal objective of a customer. In this text, I will not […]
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Contracts and Agreements in the IT industry – Perspective of a Legal Advisor

An IT contract can be any contract that has at least some connection to the world of information technology. From my point of view, IT contracts are presently the most common legal documents. We see different types of IT contracts daily, such as license agreements, subscription agreements, cooperation agreements, framework agreements, development services agreements, support […]
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Set yourself up for outsourcing success in 2021

Hello, 2021 2020 was a weird year. Many are glad to have it in the past. But in the positive column, we saw a lot of nice developments, including: Scale of remote work More digital transformation projects Increased virtual collaboration Some industries truly thriving Contactless payments Rise of e-commerce even more Increased need for automated projects […]
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Did we really need COVID-19 to prove that we are capable of adopting what we already knew

History teaches us that major breakthroughs always come during crises, and often in situations when things are not going according to plan. It rings true both in personal and in business aspects of life, as well as in society in general. Three catastrophes at the same time Last year, the pandemic surprised us all, hitting […]
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Which Functionalities Should Every Last Mile Delivery Software Have

We were all involved in the last mile delivery process at some point of time and we know it. For a start, we will define last-mile delivery as the final step of the delivery process from a distribution center or facility to the end-user. Last-mile delivery is becoming more important than ever before due to […]
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How to prepare for 2021

What did 2020 teach us? A lot of things. Many different lessons. In terms of business, the most relevant is that the standards have become different. Virtually everything is online. It’s easy to access. Many companies were able to pivot to a work-from-home model overnight, or within a week. Projects continued happening. Revenue was made. […]
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