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Running With a Cause: Serengeti Runners Participated in the 10th Wings for Life Race

This year's Croatian chapter of the internationally renowned humanitarian race, Wings for Life, was held in Zadar, as was previous years, on Sunday, May the 7th and it drew a big crowd of around 6.500 participants. Also, this was a jubilee year, as this edition was the 10th edition of Wings for Life!
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Students visited our office in Split

Last year, we opened our beautiful office in Split, located directly in the heart of the town – the Riva. Even before that, we became part of the local IT professional community embodied in the Split Tech City initiative. In cooperation with Split Tech City, we decided to host an event for the local student community, and they visited our premises on Friday, March 10th.
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A unique opportunity to try to work with FIYU - Serengeti’s FIYU Roadshow

FIYU Workshop is intended for Senior Frontend Developers familiar with Angular Framework and have at least 3 years of experience working with it. Also, attendees must be familiar with Java Backend and reactive programming. The manager for FIYU development and his core team will lead attendees through this rapid development. Saša Ivičević, Director of Software Engineering – Internal development and FIYU Platform Development Manager, and Luka Jerković, Senior Frontend Developer, are the workshop facilitators.
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The Manifest listed Serengeti among the best software development companies in Croatia

We are very proud to announce that we have been listed as one of the world's best chatbot companies by The Manifest! Out of 100 companies on the list, we ranked 51st, making us the only Croatian company to be included. Not only that – The Manifest also included us on their list of the TOP 100 Croatian Software development companies, where we are ranked 6th. To accomplish this within the Croatian IT ecosystem, which is widely praised as one of the greatest when we take into account the population size, is a great success.
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Serengeti's First Meetup @ Split was very Reactive!

The time has come for Saša Ivičević, our director of software engineering tasked with overseeing all internal projects and engagements, to shine. And shine he was! His presentation, "Reactive Architecture," turned out to be a new masterclass from our halls of knowledge! We'd like to thank everybody who visited our tech & brunch event. And be aware – it was our first, but it won't be our last Split meetup. Keep an eye on the middle of October!
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Our Split Office is Officially Open!

As we already had three offices in Croatia – our Zagreb HQ and development centers in Bjelovar and Varaždin, it seemed logical to expand our operations in the Dalmatia region and Split as its cultural and societal center. The fact that we already have a few hard-working colleagues from Split also played an important role in this decision.
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Happy 15th Birthday To Us!

Birthday is always a special day in an individual's life. But also, it's a special day for a company which celebrated a jubilee anniversary, and Serengeti's 15th birthday for sure is such occasion! Our birthday party was held in an elegant Vetro Bar & Bites in Zagreb last Friday, the 8th of July.
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Serengeti is named as one of Croatia's leading B2B companies

During the last 15 years, we proved our extensive expertise in some of the biggest industries and sectors such as financial, industrial, governmental, healthcare, and logistical. Our ranking from Clutch is a great motivator for us and an indicator that we are on the right path.
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Takeaways from the third .debug tech conference

Last week, the third .debug conference was held at the Algebra campus in Zagreb. It is one of the biggest tech events of the year in Southeastern Europe. Serengeti set up a booth near the main entrance to the event and it was a hit amongst this year’s attendees. We can proudly say that our booth was one of the most popular. The reason is simple – we gave attendees coffee! In Croatia, coffee is a morning ritual and an essential catalyst of social interaction. 
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Serengeti at Good Game Zagreb 2022

Our team went to the tournament and achieved some great victories and some defeats, but in general, we may say that we fulfilled our purpose – which was bonding and team building, sort of, and had great fun watching other skilled players and great plays!
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