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We launched a unique Rapid Application Development platform - FIYU

In today's development world, a combination of quality and speed wins in the IT and digital industry. Globally, revenues from the digital world are constantly growing, as many want to compete in the market and the competition is both big and global – so the speed of time-to-market is one of the key parameters for success. Our solution will accelerate this path of product development for many.
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Spring Gathering of Geti Champions

“Content is King” – If that’s true, then the kingdom is made of all types of content produced and of all the people who are somehow included in the production and publishment of this content. This famous quote was originally the title of an essay by Bill Gates, published in 1996. Anyhow, for the last […]
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Our Refreshed Visual Identity Is Launched

After 13 years of successful organic growth, we decided to freshen ourselves up. As an award-winning consulting software development company with clients and offices worldwide, the new look & feel is implemented. There is a new logo, new typography, new corporate colors, and a refreshed website. The idea behind our name and our visual identity comes from an oasis of diversity.
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Serengeti in Top 1% World Companies

This year was very challenging from every point of view, so these awards make us even prouder and serve as additional proof that our company values are a good recipe for satisfied clients and continuous business growth.
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Geti Champions Get Together

Since the coronavirus crisis stopped us in our initial idea to have monthly gatherings, and it seems it’s not going to stop anytime soon, we decided to organize an autumn meeting. Of course, all was in line with epidemiological measures – mask and all.
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[PRESS BRUNCH] We are entering the AI development for Retail Industry

On October 08, 2020, we announced that we are taking a share of the retail application RedAI whose main purpose is a fast retail shelf analysis supported by artificial intelligence.
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Idea Knockout 2020

Idea Knockout winners are chosen by a jury consisting of experts in different fields. This year, our Technical Director Zoran Kovačević was a member of the jury.
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Clutch Named Us in Their TOP 5

“The companies on this list represent the best Croatia has to offer,” said Clutch Senior Revenue Operations Analyst Greg Kotchik.
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We are launching a webinar program

Possibilities seem to be endless once we are kicked out of our comfort zone. We at Serengeti are taking digitalization quite naturally as this is a part of our way of doing business.
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We Earned Our First Reviews on Clutch With an Average Grade of 4.7

We’re happy to announce that we’ve received our first three reviews on Clutch, a leading provider of B2B ratings and reviews.
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Arbeiten wir zusammen

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj. Sadržaj emitiranog materijala isključiva je odgovornost tvrtke Serengeti d.o.o.