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Abhijeet Koli – from India and USA, all the way to Croatia

Abhijeet Koli, our Lead Software Developer, came to be the careers section's first guest in 2023. Abhijeet, or Abi, as we like to call him, had an interesting career path. From his humble beginnings in India, he came to the USA, promised land of dreams. Not long after that, his professional path took him to Croatia, and three years later, he is here with us.
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How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Problems And Love To Think About Solutions

When you work as a software developer for many years, things sort of fall into place. It is clear to you what is expected of you, you look at tasks and assignments from the right perspective, over the years, communication has evolved to a high level, you are aware that you are part of a team. However, on a perfectly normal day at work when nothing out of the ordinary seemed about to happen, I received a proposal from my superior to assume the role of development team lead on a project at a renowned enterprise client.
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Ivan Jakab - Developer's Cookbook With a Tasty Vegan Recipe

In this blog post, our guest is one of our experienced developers, Ivan Jakab. He was one of the faces of our employer branding campaign this summer, and what is so special about him is the fact that he is our vegan developer! As November, a vegan month passed, we asked Ivan to write us a recipe for one of his favorite dishes! And not only that – see what’s going on in the life of one senior developer in Serengeti.
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Ivan Milas – New Board Member and Co-owner of Serengeti

After the recent changes in the ownership structure of Serengeti, we invited the relatively new co-owner of Serengeti and sales director Ivan Milas for an interview. In addition to his previous responsible position, it's been almost two months since Ivan became a member of the Management Board. There was little time to celebrate (although there was some) as the scope of his duties, activities, and responsibilities increased.
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A Guide to the Great, Unusual Team Building

Every chance to build teamwork and empower a greater degree of team spirit is a chance to score from the employer's perspective. It is especially true if you are working within the IT industry through various teams of people or projects. Also, as social beings, humans strive for sincere and quality interpersonal contact. Sometimes, money can be the main reason for job-hopping. Still, on many other occasions, your team and colleagues will prevail, as you have a great atmosphere and communication at work.
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Software Developer in a Hardware World

With us, in this small talk, is one of the faces of our current employer branding campaign, software developer Bogdan Golubović. Bogdan is one of our experienced developers, who alongside his interest in software is an avid hardware enthusiast. His expertise in hardware has brought him to his interest in robotics, which he does in his free time out of work.
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The Importance of Communication Skills in Development

Content is king. Despite this, our Team Lead, Nenad Kovačević, also highlights the importance of communicating to be able to produce the best content. Nenad thinks that communication is king. As someone who coordinates and communicates between many stakeholders in Serengeti's projects, we sat down with Nenad to discuss the importance of interpersonal skills and how these skills help drive the Serengeti team to deliver successful projects.
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Rebuilding the Work Life Balance: The Art of Teambuilding

We often forget in our everyday lives that balancing work with pleasure is what will lead to the most fulfilling life and ultimately will make us more effective at our jobs. We believe in this philosophy and that is why this year, Serengeti held a teambuilding party for our employees just south of Zagreb at the Forest Park in Pisarovina.
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Developing Soft Skills in IT

IT professionals often face setbacks or unexpected changes, ranging from a technical problem with their project to a last-minute issue with a vendor. You need to learn to be flexible, accepting of these changes and immediately start looking for creative solutions. Additionally, you must be open to suggestions and feedback, whether it is from your employer or a client.
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Hrvoje Zeko - A New Career Adventure

Meet Hrvoje Zeko, our employee who decided to accept a new career adventure and became the Software Program Manager in Serengeti. We talked with Hrvoje to find out more about the transition process and the challenges of his new role. 
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