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Basic NgRx Implementation

Ngrx is a library that provides a way to manage state in Angular applications. It is based on the concept of Redux, a popular state management library for JavaScript applications. In this blog, we will go over the basic implementation of ngrx in an Angular application.
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ASP.NET Core Health checks

Sooner or later, we need to know the status of our application, external services it uses and all other parts important for our application to work properly. For example, an application may have a health check for its database connection to ensure that the connection is still alive and working properly. If the database connection fails, the health check system can be configured to report the problem to interested parties. ASP.NET provides a built-in health check system that can be used to monitor these parts. Health checks are exposed by an application as HTTP endpoints, where the basic use case is to check the ability to a process request.
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Rethinking Reliability: What you can (and can't) learn from incidents

What exactly is an incident? There are many different definitions of what makes an incident in various industries. If I were to reduce them all to a common denominator, the focus would most often be on unintended and often unforeseen events that cause unwanted consequences. In this blog, I will try to bring you closer the topic of incidents using the example of an organization that has a large IT department as a support to the organization's primary business.
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Angular 15 is (A)live

This November, Angular 15 arrived, with a lot of changes that are very important for Angular developers. In the past year, instead of the old View Engine renderer, we now have Ivy, which is enabled by default. This led to the development of a series of improvements for Angular developers. So in Angular 15 there are dozens of new improvements that will lead to better performance and more efficient work of Angular developers. 
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Euro Introduction From the Perspective of a Developer

As we all already know, or we have heard something about it, from January 1, 2023 Croatia is joining euro area, the Croatian kuna goes into oblivion and the famous euro comes to us as a 'new' means of payment. And now it may not sound like something big since, frankly, a lot of us have been using the euro for a long time in various conversions, payments and other financial combinations, so the introduction of the euro was probably only a matter of time.
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What is Selenium and what are its tools

Selenium is an open-source (free) automated testing framework used to validate web applications through different browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.) and platforms. To create Selenium Test Scripts, you can use different programming languages like Java, C#, Python. Simon Stewart, who designed Selenium, introduced to the market the latest version of Selenium test tool which is not used only to test web applications but also for Grid and IDE. It is also important to note that Selenium test tool has fully accepted W3C standard.
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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile - The Future of Cross-Platform

With the emergence of mobile phone users, mobile application developers have constantly been struck by the choice of whether they should duplicate the effort for Android & iOS and go native with maximized performance and control or should they compromise on these and go cross-platform with a single effort for both applications. KMM allows you to share a common business logic (e.g., fetching data from the backend, or local DB) between iOS & Android and write the presentation logic separately for both. It reduces the amount of code duplication by more than 70% as compared to going completely native, while keeping both the performance and control over native components, since UI is still being developed natively, for Android being in Jetpack Compose and for iOS in SwiftUI.
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Writing Unit Tests in Java

Unit testing is a type of software testing where individual software units and components are tested to validate whether each code unit is performing as intended. While in most software development companies Quality Assurance Engineers write integration tests, regression tests, system tests, user acceptance tests, etc. during the software testing phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), unit tests are written by the software during the software development stage.
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Reactive Architecture

Today's applications are far more complex - they process much more data, solve more complex problems and provide a much better UX. On the other hand, the number and types of devices that we as users use to consume these applications has grown and this is reason enough to change and adapt some old technologies and practices to new trends. When planning reactive architecture, we have to think in layers, from the base layer and the use of reactive programming principles, to the higher layers of the architecture that support the principles of the reactive manifesto. When we have a system designed in this way, through all layers of the architecture, we can say that we have built a reactive architecture.
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Nx and Monorepos

The world of web development is constantly getting bigger and developers are always trying to find a solution to help them to write more codes, build their projects faster, minimize time-wasting, make their projects available everywhere with just a few lines of code to set up the workspace. There is a sea of tools that will help with those problems and in the web development world, due to its popularity, Nx tool for Monorepos needs no further introduction.
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