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Advantages of XBRL in Financial Reporting

It is always a challenge to track the accuracy, to analyze and revise complex business dataThe financial data, such as annual financial reports, statistical financial reports, etc., are full of data the totals of which must be correct at the end of the accounting period. An electronic format for the exchange of financial statements – XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) can be of great help with this.
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Micro Frontend Architecture in Angular Applications - Module Federation

One of the definitions of micro frontend that represents an excellent overview of its functionality is given by Luca Mezzalira: "Micro-Frontends are the technical representation of a business subdomain which allows independent implementations with the same or different technology. Their main purpose is to minimize the code shared with other subdomains and they are owned by a single team"
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Computer Vision - Face Detection

Detecting the human face is a difficult problem that is faced by experts in the computer vision field. The main reason is because the human face is a dynamic object in which there is a high degree of variability as every face is different.
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Blockchain part Three: Types of Blockchains and their Applications

In general, blockchains can be permissionless, permissioned or both. This classification is based on the blockchain’s access policies and rights management. To join a permissionless blockchain, you do not need permission. In other words, permissionless blockchains enable anybody to join the blockchain anonymously and do not limit the privileges of the nodes on the network. A permissioned blockchain, on the other hand, requires permission from a central authority to join.
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Blockchain part Two: How it actually works

In first part of this blog series, I outlined some fundamental concepts pertaining to blockchain technology. Now I would like to dive deeper into how Blockchain actually works and see the inner workings of the technology itself.
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What is Computer Vision?

After the introduction of digital pictures in the 50s, computer scientists begged the question: can a computer analyzing a picture understand the world? Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence (AI) which enables computers and systems to extract important information from digital pictures, videos, and other visual inputs. Computer vision then either takes actions from the data it has collected or gives suggestions on the basis of that data.
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Becoming a Frontend developer with FIYU

When I joined the FIYU development team I already had 5 years of experience working as a .NET developer, mainly backend, but this time I was joining the project as a front-end developer with almost no front-end experience. It was time to learn. Since FIYU is a platform for rapid development I guess it was no surprise that the academy was an efficient and rapid introduction.
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TensorFlow.js – Machine Learning for JavaScript Developers – Part I

Through a series of articles, I will try to introduce you (primarily JavaScript developers) to the world of machine learning (ML). In the first part, I will talk in general about machine learning, the TensorFlow.js library, and the benefits of using it.
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Blockchain, Part One: An Introduction to Philosophy and Technology

Today’s media and social networks are full of news, posts, and articles about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, NFTs and similar topics. This increasing popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies made me wonder what exactly lies behind it, and how these things actually work. In this blog series we will explain what blockchain is and how it actually works.
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Applying Agile Risk Management

With increasing project complexity and with the COVID-19 pandemic many companies have been driven to reexamine and improve their risk management techniques, technologies, and processes. This short article should help you better understand how to apply risk management in agile projects and help you take steps to reduce risks in the future.
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