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5 reasons why 2020 was an undisputedly marvellous year

So here we are, at the end of the year that was all but what majority of us see as a regular year. To all of us who thought that China was far away, and that Coronavirus will not get here, the Bergamo case hit us like a boomerang. What represented a shock at the […]
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The business and teamwork lessons of 2020

2020 was … an interesting year No need to belabor that point. Between a global health crisis, lockdowns in almost every country, and confusion about data and politics and beliefs and solutions and masks, everything seemed to be different. Very few people’s plans at the end of 2019 went the way we thought. What did […]
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Automation of the Production Process - a client story

One of the leading companies in their industry in Croatia turned to us for help in detecting the area of ​​business digitalization which would speed up the flow of production and ultimately increase its benefits.
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Obvious but true: Without strong leadership, digital transformation is impossible

There are many different definitions of the culture floating around the universe. Most tend to view it, ultimately, as the experience of working at a place: how people treat you, how pressing deadlines are, how collaborative the team is, etc.
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Should Banks Become TPPs?

Should banks consider becoming Third Party Providers? Throughout this post, we will be referring to them by their abbreviation, TPP. To immediately shorten the long dilemmas, the short answer is YES, they should. The main reason why a bank should become a TPP is that this helps it become more competitive in the market. If […]
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Upskilling does not work that well. So how do you digitally transform?

As your business changes -- whether it’s a smaller change like embracing the cloud or a bigger change like a completely new strategy -- your people need to change with it, or the change won’t go very well.
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Microservices as a crucial component of digital transformation

In order to “digitally transform” your business, your processes (internally, with employees and contractors) need to reflect a new way of doing business and an embrace of the tech stack. Externally, you need to make sure your systems are easy and intuitive to use for an end user. No one likes to land on a website or app and think it was built in 1994.
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Tech stack strategies for digital transformation

When you are looking at digital transformation, there are a couple of things to keep in mind around the tech stack.
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Where should innovation reside in your organization?

Ten years ago, if you were to present your business card to someone and it said “Chief Innovation Officer” or “Chief Ideation Officer,” you’d likely see an entire room of blank stares and be laughed out of the room...
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Progressive Modernization [WHITEPAPER]

Download our whitepaper Progressive Modernization in which you will find out: Why is it a good idea to switch to microservices? Why shouldn’t you move to microservices? Different strategies to transforming a monolithic application into microservices Short look at our client cases
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