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Serengeti Press Brunch - Introducing Our New Office

We like expanding our business – but we must also spread good vibes, nurture quality relationships in the community and encourage the growth and development of ambitious and promising individuals, and these items are an indispensable part of our vision and mission, our corporate credo in mutual relations and interactions. We are extremely glad that the journalists in neighboring Serbia were able to see first-hand our intentions and plans. At the of the gathering they were rewarded with a small token of appreciation for their presence – a Serengeti gift package.
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Elegant Gala Evening Held for Serengeti's Clients and Partners

As it’s the end of another year and as the pandemic has still not ceased – we are more and more aware that we need to be grateful for every sincere connection we have established this year as well as throughout previous years. We kept that in mind recently when we organized a gala evening for our business partners and clients.
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Serengeti @ .debug

After more than a year of virtual socializing, we finally got together in person at the .debug conference. With more than 900 participants, .debug is the largest developers conference in Croatia. This year we participated at .debug for the first time, and our impressions are more than positive. This conference, organized by Bug d.o.o., was […]
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Serengeti Crowned as Top Croatian AI Company for 2021!

We are proud to announce that Clutch recognized all our efforts and included us in their top companies in Croatia for 2021. Clutch is a platform that provides verified B2B reviews with their team of independent analysts.
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Spring Gathering of Geti Champions

“Content is King” – If that’s true, then the kingdom is made of all types of content produced and of all the people who are somehow included in the production and publishment of this content. This famous quote was originally the title of an essay by Bill Gates, published in 1996. Anyhow, for the last […]
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Our Refreshed Visual Identity Is Launched

After 13 years of successful organic growth, we decided to freshen ourselves up. As an award-winning consulting software development company with clients and offices worldwide, the new look & feel is implemented. There is a new logo, new typography, new corporate colors, and a refreshed website. The idea behind our name and our visual identity comes from an oasis of diversity.
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We Are Ranked Among FT 1000 – Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2021

At the beginning of March, the FT 1000 2021 ranking was published and identified Europe’s Growth Champions. Based on our rapid and sustainable growth we were acknowledged by the Financial Times and Statista.
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Serengeti in Top 1% World Companies

This year was very challenging from every point of view, so these awards make us even prouder and serve as additional proof that our company values are a good recipe for satisfied clients and continuous business growth.
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Geti Champions Get Together

Since the coronavirus crisis stopped us in our initial idea to have monthly gatherings, and it seems it’s not going to stop anytime soon, we decided to organize an autumn meeting. Of course, all was in line with epidemiological measures – mask and all.
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[PRESS BRUNCH] We are entering the AI development for Retail Industry

On October 08, 2020, we announced that we are taking a share of the retail application RedAI whose main purpose is a fast retail shelf analysis supported by artificial intelligence.
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