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Why Serengeti?

You never stop learning with Serengeti...
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...and upgrading your skills on one of many projects with a purpose…
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...while keeping the things that matter most in mind…
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Meet some of your future GETI colleagues:

Zoran Šljivić

Lead Software Developer
● Zoran works from our Bjelovar office as a Payment Systems Specialist for a bank that is one of our biggest clients.
● He believes in the saying “healthy body, healthy mind” and tries to fill every moment of his free time with sports activities. The gym is his second home.
● Zoran is one of our Geti Champions, and he’s quite a versatile person, which is shown by his engagement in a Vichy commercial.

Jasmin Kurtanović

Software Engineer
● Jasmin started our new project in the area of AI and machine learning, which was his dream, and we couldn't be more proud of him.
● He is a Java Senior Developer, but he knows so much about so many technologies. He is responsible, smart, proactive, modest and above all – kind.
● What he values most at Serengeti is the ability to learn and develop professionally, amazing team members and a work-life balance that allows him to follow his dreams in AI and machine learning and gives him a lot of time to spend with his wife and his amazing kids.

Lea Kalinić

Human Resources Specialist
● Lea came to Serengeti while still a student and is now a part of our HR team, currently in the position of a Human Resources Specialist. She also completed two additional educations – for a speech therapist and a gestalt psychotherapist.
● In her free time, she likes sports – volleyball is her biggest love, and she expresses herself creatively through painting and photography.
● She likes the relaxed atmosphere and good relations with her colleagues at Serengeti, as well as the freedom in organizing work.

Angela Muthoni Muraguri

Senior Software Developer
● Angela is our Frontend Software Developer, currently residing in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.
● Building state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, user-friendly websites and applications has always been a passion of hers.
● She decided to join Serengeti to become a part of a team that is exceptional in teamwork and focused on being client-centric.

GETI Champions

At Serengeti, bloggers take a special place. Seriously.
Becoming a blogger comes with a list of perks and benefits. However, it requires originality, no imitation allowed.
Geti Champions are our employees who are passionate about their job and willing to share their knowledge with others. They are also visionary thinkers and brand ambassadors who write valuable blog posts. Those people get together in an elite club called GetiClub.
This is one of our internal projects that also fosters the values of our company: teamwork, ambition, agility, and professionalism.
getiblogclub logo transparent
We managed to publish 200 pieces of content in 2020 alone!
Meet our Geti Champions!
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Our company boasts a pleasant, friendly and easy-going work environment that we improve with various additional benefits:
Great work-life balance
Private office space for teams (no open-plan offices)
Great office environment and easy-to-reach location
Gifts for special occasions (wedding and childbirth)
Additional days of vacation
Work from home option, depending on the project
Recreation room
Fresh fruit, coffee, and beverages
Regular sports activities (badminton, bowling, table tennis, running, cycling, squash...)
Monthly informal gatherings
Employee events – team building, office Christmas party, Saint Nicholas for children, events for special occasions
Beside a competitive salary in line with market trends, we also reward our employees for their exceptional efforts and contribution:
Transparent and clear job position systematization with defined requirements and salary range
Long-term loyalty awards and salary increase
Referral rewards (up to 1.350 Euro reward per hired engineer)
Financial rewards for special achievements
Financial rewards for exceptional effort and contribution, and rewards for excellent teams
Opportunities for frequent pay rises and advancement in line with competency development
Gas discount
Discounts for a large number of sports facilities/gym/wellness options
This is the strongest side of Serengeti. We are a company where ambitious people thrive. Serengeti uses its unique position of working with leading Western European companies to focus on the development of top professionals:
Working on different, challenging, international projects where expectations are set high, but everyone gets support to reach them
Working in modern technologies like Cloud, microservices, IoT, machine learning, Augmented Reality, DevOps
Personalized career plan and approach for each employee
Recognition of top performers
Acquiring IT certificates
Internal and external training (technical and soft skills)
Sharing knowledge and experience
Attending top worldwide conferences

We're hiring

Good news!
We are hiring!
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