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Prompt Reply to Disruptors and Regulations 

The BFSI sector is constantly challenged by new players and innovators in the field, resulting in a constantly evolving IT ecosystem. Technology is not only good to invest in; it is also a matter of differentiation and an instrument for gaining a competitive edge within the BFSI industry.

On the other hand, there are state-regulated directives that need to be obeyed. Business, therefore, needs to be able to adapt to both – the never-ending progress in technology and strict regulations. To achieve that, you need an adequate internal development department or a partner who can help you achieve your goals.

Check out our Expertise sheet where you will find out how we managed this with our partners:

Legacy System Hurdle: Crack the Big Problem Into a Series of Small Ones

Traditional BFSI institutions live on large, bulky monolithic systems which slow down development cycles and demean system performance. Our experience has proven that decomposing the big monolith into small, light, easy-to-move microservices is the path to faster development of new products.

This is the case where we helped our client to move to microservices. Nowadays, the microservice architecture is easily scalable and very flexible both horizontally and vertically. This change is inevitable, taking into consideration that there are 16 million clients dependent on the stability of this system.

System Maintenance and Development

Another interesting trend that we noticed while working with our BFSI clients is the need for maintenance. Maintenance done in such a way that the partner understands the industry’s specifics.

Furthermore, there are cases of new and urgent regulations when there is an instant need for additional developers. We addressed this by using our Shadow Developers Model.

Core Banking System Outsourced

Our Client decided to migrate to a new core banking solution. However, as migration is long and complex, they needed a trustworthy partner to maintain the current system and develop new required functionalities until the new system was ready.

Using Appian as a Shortcut to Efficient Business Processes

Time is money. Literary.

That’s why there is an increasing demand for low-code automation platforms. This means an increased demand for results to be delivered swiftly. Appian has a great solution for such projects. Gartner agrees with that – they named Appian a Leader two years in a row. Thanks to Appian, many famous companies like Bayer, Deloitte, and AVIVA reduced reporting time from hours to minutes, automated 41.000 hours of manual work, and improved customer response times 9x.

There is only one local Appian partner in Southeast Europe.

And guess what?

You are currently browsing through this partner’s web.

To help our clients optimize business processes, we have certified Appian engineers that are a perfect fit for client scenarios. Feel free to get in touch if you want to improve your business processes.

There are lots of different case studies available that you can check out, as well:

If you would rather have it all in one place, download our Expertise Sheet.

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