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Increasing Consumption

The dependency on energy sources is constantly increasing. The rise in the popularity of alternative energy sources is creating big challenges for manufacturers in the energy industry of today. That’s why they need to increase operational performance and reduce cost.

Frequent Innovation

Due to the growth of alternative energy sources and green energy production, frequent innovation is mandatory to stay competitive. Basically, such innovation is based on advanced algorithms and software implementation. Think about electric cars and what they mean not only for humanity but also for the energy sector itself. For more information about the importance of software development in the energy industry, check out our white paper.

Turn-Key Solutions

Power plant operations can be optimized thanks to data analyses that include gathering, visualisation and aggregation of data. Again, this is based on different kinds of software usage and many different features that it can have. You just need to imagine it, and the computer will do it. The right tools are crucial for real-time performance data, as is the whole process, from installation to the analysis used to gain crucial insights.


The maintenance of an energy plant is a huge project. Thanks to digitalization, faults can be predicted before they occur and degradation can be identified before it causes faults. Furthermore, switching from scheduled to predictive maintenance can drastically minimize the risk of downtime and reduce maintenance costs in the process. Our client needed embedded development to produce the most advanced smart inverter for PV systems and solar energy consumption:

Think about automated remote updates of the complex system. Are they possible? With the right tools, they are. We worked on that for a client; they were looking for a solution that would allow their end-users to have their devices up to date and be more satisfied.

If you would like to achieve the same, just let us know.

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