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Industrial Manufacturing

Industry 4.0.

The digital transformation of industrial manufacturing is called Industry 4.0. Interconnectivity, automation, and machine learning are the things that are enabling the digital transformation of this sector.

Always Standing at the Forefront of Technologies

Automated tech and IT-powered solutions are the transformers who do the job based on your ideas and requirements. Big data, virtual reality and machine learning are the technologies that can rapidly improve productivity and safety.

Sometimes What You Are Really Looking for Is a Custom Solution

The traditional heavy industry is looking for software solutions. Not just at the managerial and reporting level, but also in R&D, manufacturing, customer care, procurement and more. There are different solutions on the market for each part, but big companies that are market leaders usually have their own systems. Custom platform development requires not just extraordinary industry knowledge but also deep knowledge of development technologies and methodologies.

Only the Agile Ones Will Survive

Agile and DevOps proved to be crucial for successful internal development and the client’s success in general. That is why our work is based on taking care of the whole development life cycle, not just one segment of it.

For example, DevOps can be used for the modernization of the entire development process.

For more details how you can use Agile, consult our whitepaper.

Furthermore, you can check out how we are helping with the implementation of Agile:

Embedded Development for Flexible and Reliable Products

In industrial manufacturing, embedded development is a must. Hardware without software is just a piece of metal or plastic. Nowadays every hardware uses advanced software technologies and must have an automated scheduled updating process so that the end-user can have all devices up-to-date, which equals to more satisfied clients and great reviews for you.

If you are looking for a partner who can help you address these challenges, we would be happy to help.

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