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Your Share of the Cake

We’re sure you have seen the predictions that the global medical device market will be worth $612B by 2025. Have you already defined how you might get your share of the cake? Do not forget that medical devices must be aligned with high-quality certification, rigorous testing, and documentation.

Patient Care Over Administration

The final aim of healthcare is quality care for the end patients. But healthcare centres have had lots of issues with bad data organization, unscrubbed data, low-quality algorithms, which resulted in reduced quality of patient care. There is a short answer to this – better technology and better implementation of technology.

Next Generation Devices

AI, better data usage, better data for compliance are some technology-based solutions that can reinvent overall patient experience. For the right usage, you should know what you want to address and with the right partner, you will.

Audifon was looking for a partner that can work on their hearing solutions that are very specific from a technical point of view. Of course, at the same time, on time delivery and compliance have to be met.

Recently, we completed a large project around collecting biometric health data from many end users in the cloud and helped doctors save lives:

Faster and simpler device provisioning for the end-user was another case we worked on; it’s based on IoT device management simplification:

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