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Applications of Computer Vision

Computer vision impacts every aspect of our life whether it be a doctor’s visit, driving yourself to work, or using an Instagram filter on your smartphone. The pandemic and the rollout of 5G technology have been catalysts for the implementation of more computer vision technology, namely driverless cars and other IoT applications.  
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We ran for Life!

Last Sunday, in gorgeous Zadar, a run for a special cause was held called the Wings for Life World Run. Serengeti, as a socially responsible company and a company that promotes a healthy living lifestyle, has employees who participated in this year’s race. Dubravko Martinić, director of software engineering, and Zoran Šljivić, lead of software development represented Serengeti at this year’s race, together with a few other colleagues – Saša Ivičević, Saša Barišić, Ivan Kozić, David Dolački, Ivan Jerković, and Antonio Sitek. Let’s hear what Dubravko and Zoran had to say about the race:
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Catch us if you can: JavaCro 2022 – Spring edition @ Terme Tuhelj

Once again, HrOUG (Croatian Oracle User Group) and HUJAK (Croatian Java User Association) are organizing the largest international Java conference in this part of Europe. Their intent is to hold 50 sessions by high-quality speakers from Croatia and the EU, as well as world renown speakers from this field. Serengeti will be represented by our colleague, Miloš Stefanović. He is an experienced Java Software Developer and Development team lead with a demonstrated history of working in software development companies working in Java, FHIR, Hibernate, and Oracle.
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Where to catch us next: IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona

On May 10th to 12th, the IoT Solutions World Congress is returning to Barcelona. The IoT Solutions World Congress is the global meeting place for business and tech executives looking to leverage technology to achieve innovative, disruptive, game-changing outcomes. The conference offers a place for creating a dialog between leaders that are driving powerful digital innovation initiatives and are transforming their industries respectively.
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Blockchain part Three: Types of Blockchains and their Applications

In general, blockchains can be permissionless, permissioned or both. This classification is based on the blockchain’s access policies and rights management. To join a permissionless blockchain, you do not need permission. In other words, permissionless blockchains enable anybody to join the blockchain anonymously and do not limit the privileges of the nodes on the network. A permissioned blockchain, on the other hand, requires permission from a central authority to join.
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Catch us if you can: Serengeti's Live meetup at Think Innovative Hub

In his presentation named „Machine learning in the Python world”, Boško will talk about his experience working in the field of machine learning and will mainly discuss Facial expression recognition, eye tracking and other machine learning applications. He will also go over the fundamental steps in programming machine learning in Python and the different field of machine learning.
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Catch us if you can: DevzMeetup Varaždin (27.04.2022.)

ark's Multimedia Hall with the program starting at 5:30 PM. Serengeti's Product Manager, Zijad Redžić, will be holding a lecture about the application of Rapid Application Development (RAD) platforms in developing complex software solutions.
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Blockchain part Two: How it actually works

In first part of this blog series, I outlined some fundamental concepts pertaining to blockchain technology. Now I would like to dive deeper into how Blockchain actually works and see the inner workings of the technology itself.
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Serengeti: Split Tech City's newest member

Split over the years has attracted a lot of tech talent. The second most populous city in the country has a vibrant tech scene. It was essential to be amongst some of the most active and vivacious tech enthusiasts in the city under Marjan. Therefore, we decided to cooperate with our new partner - Split Tech City.
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AI Battleground 2022

This Year, Serengeti sponsored the AI Battleground hackathon which gives students 20 hours to program an AI solution that is presented to them on the spot. The 3 best teams who come up with the best AI solutions are rewarded 2,000 Euros.  This year, the hackathon took place at the Zagreb innovation center (ZICER) and was a 3-day event that including many of Croatia's top IT companies.
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