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Python Book of Recipes #3 - Savory Classification Recipe: Spot-Checking Algorithms for a Flavorful Machine Learning Dish

In the field of machine learning, there is a famous saying: "No free lunch." This phrase emphasizes the need to carefully evaluate and compare different algorithms to find the most suitable one for a specific task. In this recipe, we will spot-check several classification algorithms using cross-validation to assess their performance.
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Python Book of Recipes #2 - A Dash of Customization: How Plugin Architecture Can Spice Up Your Code

Just as a chef adds spices and ingredients to a dish to make it more flavorful and customizable, a Python developer can use plugin architecture to add flexibility and extendibility to their code. By implementing a plugin architecture, you can empower other developers to add their own features to your codebase, while keeping the core functionality intact. Before whipping up some code with the help of plugin architecture, let us take a quick look at the advantages of plugin architecture.
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The Future of Technology: Key Takeaways from the McKinsey Tech Trends Outlook 2022 Report

The McKinsey Tech Trends Outlook 2022 report provides valuable insights into the state of the technology industry and the trends that are shaping its future. In this blog post, we will summarize some of the key findings from the report and what they mean for businesses.
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Running With a Cause: Serengeti Runners Participated in the 10th Wings for Life Race

This year's Croatian chapter of the internationally renowned humanitarian race, Wings for Life, was held in Zadar, as was previous years, on Sunday, May the 7th and it drew a big crowd of around 6.500 participants. Also, this was a jubilee year, as this edition was the 10th edition of Wings for Life!
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Python Book of Recipes, #1 - How to Simplify Email Address Processing in Python

Hello Python folks! I am excited to start this python recipes book to the delight of python lovers, where I'll be sharing my thoughts and experiences with all of you. The First recipe is all about combining multiple Python features in just a few lines of code. So, lets’ start!
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Emerging Technical Trends In Front-End And Dow Do They Affect Developers

Front-end development is an ever-changing landscape, with new technologies and trends emerging all the time. As a front-end developer, it is essential to stay up to date with these trends and understand how they can impact your work. In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the emerging technological trends in front-end development and how they can affect developers.
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The Post Euro Conversion Syndrome Which Isn't

The infamous 1st January 2023 has come and gone. And while we are all getting used to this new life, the ‘new old’ currency, or the new normal, as some people called the recent period related to some other things that I will not be mentioning now, I would like to give a brief developer's description of how I saw all this in a small part (what was done, what could have been done additionally) as a direct participant in the entire conversion within a financial institution in which the EUR was an enormous project.
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Taking a Ride on an Azure Service Bus

Are you curious about Azure Service Bus and its functionality? If so, you're in luck - this blog post will explore this technology. We'll discover when  using Azure Service Bus benefits you, the problems it addresses and simplifies and the advantages it offers.
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Students visited our office in Split

Last year, we opened our beautiful office in Split, located directly in the heart of the town – the Riva. Even before that, we became part of the local IT professional community embodied in the Split Tech City initiative. In cooperation with Split Tech City, we decided to host an event for the local student community, and they visited our premises on Friday, March 10th.
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Docker With WSL2

Most of the time, we need a Linux-only environment for development and have to work without a Macbook or an Ubuntu laptop. In the following paragraphs, we will build and debug dotnet microservices that can be deployed to the docker engine running on WSL2.
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