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Serengeti's First Meetup @ Split was very Reactive!

The time has come for Saša Ivičević, our director of software engineering tasked with overseeing all internal projects and engagements, to shine. And shine he was! His presentation, "Reactive Architecture," turned out to be a new masterclass from our halls of knowledge! We'd like to thank everybody who visited our tech & brunch event. And be aware – it was our first, but it won't be our last Split meetup. Keep an eye on the middle of October!
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Advantages of XBRL in Financial Reporting

It is always a challenge to track the accuracy, to analyze and revise complex business dataThe financial data, such as annual financial reports, statistical financial reports, etc., are full of data the totals of which must be correct at the end of the accounting period. An electronic format for the exchange of financial statements – XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) can be of great help with this.
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Valamar - Seamless digital transformation of one of the leaders in holiday tourism

Even though hospitality companies nowadays have their in-house development teams and IT departments, the truth is that many of them are simply small or inexperienced. That is why big and appreciated hospitality companies are teaming up with their software development counterparts. This is the precise reason why we can proudly say that we were trusted partners in one of these transformation paths. Together with our client, respected hospitality company Valamar Riviera, we have dived into this process, and we can say that results exceeded our mutual expectations  when we started the project.
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9 Use Cases of Machine Learning in Logistics

At today's fast-changing market, the whole logistics system is customer-service focused. Customer service is defined by the timely, dependable and accurate delivery of undamaged items. Today, traditional logistics operations are being transformed by technology, forcing supply chain leaders to adapt. One of the technologies that transform this sector is machine learning.
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Our Split Office is Officially Open!

As we already had three offices in Croatia – our Zagreb HQ and development centers in Bjelovar and Varaždin, it seemed logical to expand our operations in the Dalmatia region and Split as its cultural and societal center. The fact that we already have a few hard-working colleagues from Split also played an important role in this decision.
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Happy 15th Birthday To Us!

Birthday is always a special day in an individual's life. But also, it's a special day for a company which celebrated a jubilee anniversary, and Serengeti's 15th birthday for sure is such occasion! Our birthday party was held in an elegant Vetro Bar & Bites in Zagreb last Friday, the 8th of July.
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Software Developer in a Hardware World

With us, in this small talk, is one of the faces of our current employer branding campaign, software developer Bogdan Golubović. Bogdan is one of our experienced developers, who alongside his interest in software is an avid hardware enthusiast. His expertise in hardware has brought him to his interest in robotics, which he does in his free time out of work.
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Micro Frontend Architecture in Angular Applications - Module Federation

One of the definitions of micro frontend that represents an excellent overview of its functionality is given by Luca Mezzalira: "Micro-Frontends are the technical representation of a business subdomain which allows independent implementations with the same or different technology. Their main purpose is to minimize the code shared with other subdomains and they are owned by a single team"
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Computer Vision - Face Detection

Detecting the human face is a difficult problem that is faced by experts in the computer vision field. The main reason is because the human face is a dynamic object in which there is a high degree of variability as every face is different.
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Serengeti is named as one of Croatia's leading B2B companies

During the last 15 years, we proved our extensive expertise in some of the biggest industries and sectors such as financial, industrial, governmental, healthcare, and logistical. Our ranking from Clutch is a great motivator for us and an indicator that we are on the right path.
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