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Machine Learning

Machine learning is hot topic today and our constant research and innovation in this area enable us to tackle demanding challenges in development of self learning systems.

Business process automation using intelligent systems is crucial for maximizing business efficiency. This is essential for staying competitive in the continually evolving global economy. As a fundamental part of this effort, machine learning has become an imperative asset in increasing the value of a product or a service. Its use of statistical models and algorithms for data prediction, and classification pushes the frontiers of possible solutions far beyond classical computer programming and into the artificial intelligence (AI) arena.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have already altered the way companies conduct their operations. The majority claim to have implemented the technology in significant processes such as marketing and sales, supply chain management, customer support, and cybersecurity.

What to consider before implementing machine learning?

How can business grow through machine learning technology?

  • Business process automation
  • State-of-the-art data analytics
  • Real-time intelligence
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Advanced data classification
  • Transforming data into knowledge and actionable intelligence
  • Easy spam/fraud/event detection

Our approach to AI/ML projects

  • Gathering, processing, and analysing data required for machine learning processes
  • Development and evaluation of models and learning procedures for a specific task
  • Testing on relevant public and private benchmark datasets
  • Building an app around our models and a Proof of Concept
  • Production deployment and Performance monitoring

machine learning process

What's in it for you?

Depending on your business needs, you can choose between several different cooperation models.

Case studies

Tire Recognition Meets Machine Learning

Our client is a huge wholesale of tires and distribution center, a B2B business that has deals with many smaller shops that buy and resell their tires. Find out how machine learning and computer vision helped their business growth.



The RedAI app is an artificial intelligence software solution that enables FMCG/CPG companies in Retail and HoReCa to detect, classify and control their own and their competition’s SKUs (products) with a series of photos taken from a mobile device or tablet.

This semi-custom application provides full automation of the in-store execution process. It generates real-time results and delivers complete business intelligence reports. The main purpose of RedAI is to perform visual perception and brand recognition.

There are many reasons why companies integrate machine learning into their fundamental activities. Enhancing consumer segmentation and targeting and eventually raising a company's revenue, growth, and market position are just some of them.

In this document, you can read more about the most popular machine learning methods and their application in different industries.

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