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Serengeti is an award-winning software development consulting company. It took us years to gain the experience and the knowledge we show off with today. Many attributes did not come over night as we have been writing this story together since 2007. With 300 projects behind us, we can proudly say that we have a stockpile of knowledge, know-how and, most importantly, a big load of passion for what we do and an experience that grants impeccable management of the whole development cycle.

Our offices are in Zagreb, Bjelovar, Varaždin and we have development centres in Kragujevac, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since foundation, we have been continuously growing in terms of revenue, employee count and level of expertise. Due to our distinctive engagement model, we have become a valued partner for companies in finance, logistics, energy, healthcare and industrial manufacturing.
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Team Extension Model

Our clients recognized our Team Extension Model as a unique approach to working with their own R&D in a way that complements their existing engineering capabilities.

It provides a step-by-step proven process and guidance for setting up and maintaining a stable, high-performing off-site development team that seamlessly integrates with the Client’s internal team. To achieve this goal, a well-prepared and organized onboarding and knowledge-transfer phase is crucial, where we focus on two KPIs: minimum customer management overhead and shortest time to the off-site team productivity.

To provide efficient and scalable off-site teams on Serengeti’s location, we always start our engagements with specifically educated engineers (so-called Ambassadors). These engineers participate in the Client’s existing engineering teams using this opportunity for knowledge transfer, understanding formal and informal processes and designing the transition to off-site, and they are actively scaling new team members around them.

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Why Serengeti?


At Serengeti, we know that successful software development outsourcing is more than great CVs and price. We believe that highly skilled individuals are just the starting point. We must ensure the development of their balanced personalities and then encourage their impulse to grow technically and develop industry knowledge. Our clients respect our ability to provide organized and highly efficient teams managed by experienced team leads.

Whether you are dealing with a huge project and need a helping hand, or your company is growing and you require additional support, the right partner can help your business move forward and be more flexible while focusing on long-term plans and goals.

In day-to-day business many companies need to deal with tasks that require specific skills or expertise and often need to be done fast. Sometimes the in-house team needs help with specific skills, or they already have an entire list of tasks queued. Either way, you need new people in your team, and hiring can be daunting, expensive and time-consuming.

With the support of Serengeti, you will have a whole new team of experts who deal with tasks faster. Thanks to their expertise, they will know what actions to take to mitigate potential risks involved in development. In the meantime, you will be able to focus on your core offering, scale your operations, and even get more clients.


We believe businesses are built on trust and respect. It is crucial to build long-term partnerships like we have with our customers. From employee's selection and development, team management, customer relations everything is built with accountability in mind. Our mission is to deliver premium-quality development services, domain and technology knowhow. We aim to exceed customer expectations every time and maintain 100% reference ability.

Awards & Memberships

Awards we received are important recognition for our software development expertise and company overall since they are gained based on different criteria.
Clutch_Sustained Growth_2020B2B_Companies_Croatia_2020Clutch_Fastest Growth_2020Deloitte_logo_crnitop b2b services croatia clutchClutch_Global_Leader_2020Clutch_Sustained Growth_2020B2B_Companies_Croatia_2020B2B_Companies_Croatia_2020Deloitte_logo_crni
Clutch, an independent B2B rating platform that collects reviews from clients in the form of in-depth interviews, named us in their TOP 5 B2B Croatian companies for 2020. With an average grade of 4.9, we have been placed on the 5th place of this list and we have been given five out of five stars on our Clutch profile.
Serengeti is a proud winner of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe award (which we won two years in a row!).


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Appian Certified Partner

As Appian Partner we are combining the power of BPM, speed of low code, and our industry knowledge to achieve operational excellence. Our certified developers are using these powerful platforms to connect all processes and functions within the organization.

What our Clients say about us

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Goran Kalanj

goran kalanj

Goran Kalanj

Our CEO Goran is a visionary leader with multiple years of experience and extensive expertise in the IT industry, which resulted in – well – Serengeti! Years have passed and the company he created has become a strong, recognizable and resilient. And just that, a reliable partner, is precisely what you seek when you undertake complex business ventures and digitalization endeavors.

Ivan Milas

Co-owner & Director of Sales
ivan milas (3)

Ivan Milas

Ivan, an award-winning salesman, is the man responsible for many of our business partners nowadays, and the main reason behind our rapid expansion to desirable Western markets. He, along with his sales team, of course! Nobody appreciates interpersonal contact more than he does, and that's the secret behind his success – it's that simple.


Ana Milas

Director of Marketing and Business Development
ana milas (5)

Ana Milas

Finishing college in the USA and gathering work experience for multinational corporations was a great adventure, but for Ana, there is no place like home. The prospect of leading the marketing and business development department in the burgeoning IT company was a chance she wouldn't miss. Meet her in our hallways, that is, when she is not in countless meetings or is swamped by endless amounts of texts, videos, and content she and her department produce.

Zoran Kovačević

Director of Engineering (Manufacturing)
zoran kovacevic

Zoran Kovačević

Zoran, or as everybody calls him – Zoki – is our permanent Geti Ambassador. You can't miss his overwhelmingly positive persona in Serengeti hallways and in almost every one of our event and team buildings. But when it comes to business, Zoki is strictly business, as one can get! His expertise lies in Industry and Manufacturing, where our partners know to whom they entrust their complex projects.

Dubravko Martinić

Director of Engineering (Financial Services)
dubravko martinic

Dubravko Martinić

When it's all about money, you call Dubravko! Jokes aside, along with his colleagues from our Bjelovar office, Dubravko oversees all our projects and operations concerning financial services clients. His dexterous navigation of the vast and unpredictable world of financial services and regulations earned us a strong reputation among business partners from banks and other financial institutions.

Ivanka Vranješ

Director of Engineering (Government and Hospitality)
ivanka vranjes

Ivanka Vranješ

When governmental institutions are concerned, or tourism and hospitality industries, seek no further – there is Ivanka. Her positive attitude and willingness to help regarding everything in her domain makes her great company – be it in business matters, or informal hangouts.

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