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Four Tips for Shining on Tech Interviews

Tech interviews are challenging. Especially if there are a couple of people questioning your knowledge. Everybody can find themselves blocked or operating on a very reduced cognitive capacity in a tech interview situation. How you can feel well prepared for a tech interview? How you can prepare yourself when you could be asked about anything?
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ISO Standards Audit Successfully Passed

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully passed an external ISO Standards audit. In doing, so we have proven that we work in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certificates.
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The future of the energy industry. What should we expect?

Our dependence on energy sources is both increasing and changing, with the advent of greener initiatives. Because of the growth of alternative energy sources, existing energy providers are in a race to find new ways to both increase operational performance and cut costs.
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Breaking down a monolithic application to microservices – where to start?

This approach might not be possible for every part of your system but you’d be surprised in how many cases you can implement it.
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Easily animate Xamarin custom controls built with SkiaSharp

Let’s se how we can simplify our gauge animation with Xamarin.Forms built-in infrastructure.
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The global medical device market will be $612B by 2025. How will you get your piece?

You are seeing more healthcare organizations move to a smart model and a rules-based workflow engine, with the end goal being stronger governance, more compliance, and a reduction in IT redundancy issues. The overall goal of healthcare is, typically, quality care for the end patients. But healthcare organizations have had lots of issues with bad data, un-scrubbed data, and low-quality algorithms, and those issues have reduced the quality of patient care.
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Porting ios control to Xamarin.iOS and then to Xamarin.Forms (with SkiaSharp)

When we need to use some custom control from ios and use it in our Xamarin.ios application we have two options to do this. Make bindings or rewrite it with C#. You may wonder: “Why may I ever need to rewrite control instead of just making bindings?” The first and most obvious answer is “you need to extend this control with your own properties and functionality”. The second answers is “you will need it to port to other platforms”.
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Tech is the answer for modern logistics and supply chain challenges

Let’s take a look at some of the major trends in the space and how innovative uses of technology and software development are helping leaders in logistics and supply chain meet their biggest challenges.
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Hottest banking tech trends for 2020

The challenge of the finance industry right now is that financial firms need to do two things at the same time. First, they need to keep up with a complex regulatory environment. At the same time as they are trying to do that, though, they also need to create new digital products and services.
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Configuring Angular, Jenkins, and GitLab for CI/CD

This article assumes that you have a running Jenkins instance on your Linux machine with a valid domain (not localhost), GitLab and that you are familiar with the Angular framework.
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