Careers and professional development

One of the most essential characteristics of Serengeti as a software engineering company is an excellent opportunity for vertical and horizontal career development. 

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This can be attributed to our Team extension engagement model, where our team becomes an integrated part of teams from leading worldwide companies.

For example, working with logistics market leader KNAPP from Graz to build a warehouse management system (WMS) for the largest and most advanced warehouse in Europe is once in a lifetime opportunity for most engineers. 

To our employees, we offer an ocean of opportunities in terms of improving their technical and business domain knowhow.

We want to recruit, develop, and retain the best professionals in the IT industry. Our ideal employee is not necessarily the most experienced engineer, but an ambitious and flexible person with a strong desire for personal improvement and growth.

This is a person who gets out of the comfort zone, questions the status quo, communicates openly and constructively, and tries to improve the way we work and function as a company. Having this objective in mind, we aim to hire people with potential and then develop them inside the company.

We are a service company, and people are the backbone of our business. Their knowledge, skills, and motivation are our main resources and strength. To attract and retain the best talent, we provide an organizational framework that allows people to use their abilities, competence, and knowledge. Furthermore, we align their preferences and professional goals with the job they perform.

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Continuing Professional Development

Clients recognize us as a reliable and top-notch software development partner and hire us solely for working on ambitious projects. Our projects range from smaller ones, like the development of software for market-leading hearing devices with a team of approximately 15 engineers, to large scale projects of more than 150 engineers working together on the development of a customer service portal for one of the leading automobile companies in the world.

Mutual to all our projects is the fact that we develop complex and advanced business applications that are used by millions of users worldwide. For engineers, this means that every day at work is a new opportunity for learning and improvement.

We offer a smooth, linear career path from junior to lead developer position where progress is not only evident in the job title but also in practical knowledge, skills, and responsibilities, as well as in salary and status increase.

It is also possible for developers to advance further into one of two key roles in the project team - Team or Tech Lead. The main role of the Team Lead is to manage the entire project team and to serve as the first point of contact with the client. The Tech Lead is the most technically competent member of the project team with the task to share knowledge and consult the other team members.

Team and Tech Leads are people with the greatest potential, and we rely on them to drive the high performance of the entire team.

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Career Switching and Internal Mobility

Serengeti is an IT company that does not recruit only the best on the market. We offer opportunities for people who do not possess technical qualifications or experience in the IT industry to learn and become developers.

Within the internship program, shadowing or on the job training, people with basic programming knowledge can kick-start their career and build it to unimaginable heights. In our company, there are many examples of junior developers who made it to the status of lead developers, Team and Tech Leads.

Serengeti promotes a high rate of internal mobility when it comes to projects and technology. You've had enough of PL/SQL after 10 years, you know the basics of .NET C# and would like to learn it better? We will transfer you on a .NET C# project to work with experienced .NET C# developers and gradually improve your skills. The duration of our projects ranges from 6 months to several years so that most of our developers have an opportunity to become familiar with different technologies and different industries during their career in Serengeti.

In terms of a career change, it is important to point out opportunities for horizontal career advancements from the development department into the business domain. For those developers who are interested and have right capabilities, we offer career as a Business Analyst, SCRUM Master or Project Manager. There they will upgrade their knowledge of the development process through interaction with users and project team at all stages of the project cycle.

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As a consulting company, we believe it is vital for our employees to specialize both in technologies and specific business domains.

Our developers can advance their seniority level in the most popular technologies such as Java, C#, C++, PL/SQL, front-end, Python, mobile, and so on. Furthermore, we are specialized in financial, public administration, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and energy industries.

We don't only develop specialists with strong knowledge in a particular technology field, but we also think it is very important to gain industry knowledge.

After a while, our developers are competent enough to discuss matters with our clients concerning not only which technology implementations are most appropriate but also which is their best business application.

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Careers and professional development

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