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A Low-Code Development Platform

that adds transparency and minimizes technological hindrances to foster innovation. It combines the power of BPM with the speed of low-code.
Low-code allows building new solutions faster, which is exactly what companies need to keep up the pace with continuous market demands.
Intelligent automation combines the power of BPM, machine learning and RPA with low-code development to increase productivity and lower costs. Finally, Appian offers enterprise-grade cloud with uptime scores over 99.997%, and all solutions on Appian are 100% portable between on-premise and the cloud. In conclusion, Appian is one of the most reliable and trusted platforms which enable fast and flexible creation of innovative business applications.

Business Process Management Software or Suites (BPMS)

and, more recently, Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS) have been a key software solution for business process management.
Since we at Serengeti are one of Appian’s certified partners and we have certified Appian BPM developers, we can help our clients to experience the benefits of Appian.

Why Appian?

Choose to work with a leader in process automation in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code applications
Well known for its simplicity, from end user experience to productive low-code design environments
Enables faster software development; meaning that it requires far less FTEs than building the software from scratch would
Solves the dilemma between buying vs. building a new solution
Faster and more flexible creation of the initial application – applications are built up to 20x faster than with the regular approach
Smart automation – an intelligent approach to robotic process automation (RPA), which reduces cost and error in repetitive tasks
Enterprise-grade cloud with high availability
More security certificates than any other platform, certificates include PCI DSS, US HIPAA, FedRAMP, etc.

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