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Delivery of advanced Internet banking solution

To keep the leading market position, ambitious projects and advanced services are crucial. Development of enhanced digital and mobile banking services are technically challenging and includes advanced technologies that are requiring engagement of many experienced software engineers.
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The Brief

The user is one of the largest Banking Groups in the Euro Zone and leader in various business areas – retail banking, corporate clients and asset management. The Group offers its services to over 11 million customers through a network of around 4,300 branches in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

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The user is the leader in the digital banking development. In order to preserve the status of digital innovators and win an additional part of the market, the Group has decided to provide their customers with enhanced digital and mobile banking services.

The Bank's main business challenge was to beat the competition in launching a comprehensive digital banking for end-users - citizens. Accordingly, the Group has set its business goal - the shortest possible "time to market" with the highest possible quality of new service.

An additional challenge for customers are technical demands of the project itself and the advanced technologies requiring the engagement of a number of expert software engineers experienced in Java and WEB technologies.


Serengeti is engaged in the development and maintenance of the internet banking systems and all modules closely related to the project. Other modules include different periodic group processing related to the retail banking.

The development scope spans from the database up to the user interface. Since it is one of the mission critical banking systems, the maintenance required solving critical issues as quickly as possible.

The technologies used within the project are: Oracle Database with business logic in procedures (PL/SQL), Java Spring Framework, IBM WAS as Application Server, Bootstrap, and KnockoutJS.

Serengeti is engaged in the Team Extension Model that allows the user's existing development team to expand quickly and efficiently. After successful planning, designing, developing and initiating the production, the Serengeti team is also engaged in system maintenance, upgrading new functionalities, code optimization, and incident management.

The architecture of the application is based on a wide range of different technologies for which the bank didn't have a sufficient number of available experts. That's why the development department of the bank contacted Serengeti.

In a short time, Serengeti has expanded the Bank's team with developers who possess the necessary technical knowledge and broad knowledge in the enterprise banking environment. Serengeti team has shown outstanding knowledge of each developer in the financial domain and it has proven to be crucial for achieving business goals.

Our developers behave in line with Serengeti's values – professionalism, agility, ambition and teamwork – that helped a quick transfer of knowledge and stability of the Serengeti team. After initial engagement, Serengeti experts proved themselves, understood the operation of all application segments and took over the maintenance of the entire application.

Serengeti has assisted the client to achieve their business goals. Serengeti has effectively and quickly expanded the client's development team and accelerated development of the Internet banking application.

Due to the right choice of programmers who are experts in banking domain, transfer of knowledge took a very short time, with minimal engagement of architects and other key engineers of the user.

A shorter time of the development of new functionalities enabled the application to provide one of the best and most advanced internet banking services far ahead of the competition. In this way, the reputation of the client as a provider of top banking services has improved, which has also resulted in an increase in the number of users.

After being convinced of a high level of professionalism and quality of the service provided by Serengeti, the client decided to put Serengeti fully in charge of the development and upgrading of the application. During that period, there were no occurrence of application downtime.

Based on this successful collaboration, Serengeti was entrusted with other projects such as development of Back Office Support System (BOSS) application, which is the core system of the Bank, Investment Gold, Fraud Management and GDPR.

Serengeti has proved to be a reliable long-term partner to work on demanding enterprise projects. Such a partner is needed as a support for implementation of ambitious projects and introduction of advanced services, allowing the Bank to keep the leading market position.

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