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Be More Agile and Faster by Transforming the Way You Develop and Deliver Services

Traditionally, product development, testing, and QA were the responsibilities of three different organizational teams, grouped by specific expertise: developers, testing engineers, and the operations team. The responsibilities of each department have been precisely defined. Although it can be perceived as a good thing, strict segregation of tasks can lead to weak collaboration and poor communication.

A Set of Principles That Combines Software Development (Dev) and IT Operations (Ops)

The adoption of DevOps is changing the game of software delivery by becoming the standard way of working across different industries.

Common drivers for DevOps implementation:

  • Improved team collaboration and communication
  • Faster deployment
  • More time for innovation

Consult our DevOps whitepaper to find answers to the following questions:

What is the purpose of DevOps?
What are the three main components for a successful implementation of DevOps?
What is the relation between DevOps and Agile?
What is the DevOps lifecycle and what are some of the benefits in industries besides tech?

Our Expertise

Broad technical expertise is used to consult our clients and help them implement innovations based on advanced trends.

Experience in implementation of enterprise-grade Linux and Windows-based end-to-end DevOps solutions makes us a valuable consulting and implementation partner.

For more examples, please download the paper with several projects in which we have used DevOps principles and tools to achieve better results:

Download Proof of Expertise

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