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6 things we rocked in 2019


New year's eve. Smell of homemade cookies spreading around blends perfectly with a joyful feeling of closing down one chapter and moving to another one where we will be much skinnier, travel more, read more and learn two new languages.

It is such a blast knowing that there is a tabula rasa right in front of us ready to be filled with all kinds of amazing and spectacular things we can do, if we only put our heart into it.

2019 for us was a blast too. It is hard not to reflect on a plethora of amazing things we have accomplished, but just for the sake of not showing off too much, we will focus on a few.

1. Revenue growth of 45%

Needless to say, this particular fact made us very happy and cheerful at our Christmas party, regardless of other emotional enhancers offered at the bar. We increased our engagements in finance, industrial and public administration domains where we are already doing business.

2. We went from 120 employees to 150. Hurray!

It got busier in our offices, a bunch of new faces came to sail along with us. Just in development department, we now have 140 professionals!

3. We have a new super trouper website!!!

No need to brag, just check it out:

4. Offices in DACH and Benelux got new powerful support!

We got some really top notch business development managers in Germany and Netherlands.

5. New reward system implementation

Because to us, our people are our jewels. It is not a cliche, it really is like that. Our people are our greatest asset and we make sure that they know how much they matter to us.

6. A new, exquisite office premises in Varaždin, Bjelovar and Zagreb!

We like to feel good at our second home so we made sure we have enough plants to water, cool new carpets, fancy walls and fruit and candy all over the place. Entrance usually leaves our food delivery guys in awe, unsure whether they came to botanical garden or an actual office, but hey, what's cooler than being cool?

We rocked guys, so proud to say this, and we'll keep up the good spirit in 2020 as well. 

Happy new year, people!

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