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Conference: “How Transparency Affects Entrepreneurship”

Lucija Babić, Marketing Specialist

The conference “How Transparency Affects Entrepreneurship” was held on March 3rd in Bjelovar. The aim of this conference was to highlight the direct connection between economy and transparency in order to show that it’s an ideal system for entrepreneurship development.

The city of Bjelovar, which has a completely transparent public sector, is an excellent example of this connection and that’s why it’s not surprising that some big Croatian companies recognized this and decided to open new offices there.

Given that we opened our own Bjelovar office in 2018, we were invited to participate in the panel discussion “Transparency and Economic Development” where we were given the opportunity to present an entrepreneur’s experience. The panelists discussed how transparency affects the development of the economy in general, especially in Bjelovar – a town which is aiming to become a smart city.

Our Program Manager and Head of Bjelovar Office Robert Blažek discussed this topic together with Mayor of Bjelovar Dario Hrebak, Mayor of Omišalj Mirela Ahmetović, and Director of the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ Association Ivan Bračić.

One of the main conclusions of the panel discussion was that a transparent and proactive public sector supports business development in the local community, tempts new business ventures, and allows entrepreneurs to know what to expect so they can plan better. Furthermore, it is important that the public sector recognizes that its initiatives support the business sector which then provides people with the opportunity to have a great job without leaving their hometown. This is exactly what Serengeti does – our developers are working on projects for European market-leading companies without needing to leave their hometown.

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