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Elegant Gala Evening Held for Serengeti's Clients and Partners

Marko Kaselj, Marketing Specialist

Reliability, trust, and mutual respect are, among many other things, virtues we cherish mostly in our everyday relations.

What is more, every success we achieve – be it in business or private matters – is made possible thanks to these values.

As it’s the end of another year and as the pandemic has still not ceased – we are more and more aware that we need to be grateful for every sincere connection we have established this year as well as throughout previous years.

We kept that in mind recently when we organized a gala evening for our business partners and clients.

The gala evening took place on October 28th in Zagreb's high-class restaurant Atlanta Bocca Marai.

Before the evening had really started though, our CEO Goran addressed everyone present, congratulated everyone for the achievements behind us and made a toast to all the successes that await us in the future.

There were delicious food and drinks, wonderful live music, karaoke, and a nice and informal chit-chatter all night long, so yes, we can say that we have successfully celebrated our existing business relations, and we plan on continuing to do so.

With partners and clients like these, there is no uncertainty about the successes that Serengeti’s future holds – we can barely wait for all the challenges and projects in front of us!

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