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Geti Champions Get Together

Lucija Babić, Marketing Specialist

You are probably asking yourself who Geti Champions are.

Well, they are our employees who are passionate about their job and willing to share their knowledge with others. They are also visionary thinkers and brand ambassadors who write valuable blog posts.

Such people get together in an elite club called GetiClub.

It is an elite club of writing enthusiasts that empowers us to create blog posts as additional proof of our expertise in a range of diverse industries, technologies, and methodologies. In other words, this is one of our internal projects that also fosters the values of our company: teamwork, ambition, agility and professionalism.

This initiative was launched at the beginning of 2020 – where we had only 35 blog posts. Today, 8 months later, we have 128 new blog posts. This means that we have achieved a 365% increase! Furthermore, the traffic on our website and social media was increased. According to Google Analytics, people like to spend time on our site, especially if there are new tech posts. This led us to the conclusion that our tech blogs are very useful.

We are quite sure that this is a result of our committed work based on three simple rules for quality blog post:

  • Solves the problem
  • Easy to read
  • Length: concise, but still provides the reader with all relevant information so that they do not have to search further

The fact that our management – and even our CEO – is involved in this initiative goes to show how important it is to us from a strategic and tactical point of view. It supports our culture of exchanging knowledge and best practices internally and in all horizontal and vertical lines.

Since the coronavirus crisis stopped us in our initial idea to have monthly gatherings, and it seems it’s not going to stop anytime soon, we decided to organize an autumn meeting. Of course, all was in line with epidemiological measures – mask and all. We decided to organize it in person because people are social beings and brainstorming that way is more enthusiastic.

We are preparing new valuable posts, so stay tuned.

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