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Idea Knockout 2020

Lucija Babić, Marketing Specialist

Idea Knockout is a regional competition of technology ideas where all teams with innovative products, services, or applications can participate.

Idea Knockout 2020 featured 18 ideas that competed for valuable awards. The winner got to win a trip to IFA 2021 Berlin with a special exhibition space on IFA Next. The three best teams got the opportunity to introduce themselves and present at Bug Future Show 2021 in Zagreb.

This event is a great opportunity for all innovators to showcase their idea in front of an audience, as well as in front of potential investors and business partners.

Idea Knockout winners are chosen by a jury consisting of experts in different fields. This year, our Technical Director Zoran Kovačević was a member of the jury. Voting is organized in such a way that members of the jury ask questions which, while not always easy, serve to help them choose the best idea which can be applied to the consumer technology space. In other words, the chosen technology must not be available on the market currently but must be applied commercially within the next three years.

This year's winner is the game Clockwork Briefcase. In this game, players have to deactivate a bomb which is hidden in a briefcase. Although this idea was already previously presented on Idea Knockout, this time it was presented as ready for production because it has had its hardware and software redesigned.

Hereby we’d like to wish the best of luck to the winners in presenting this idea in Berlin together with some of the best start-ups worldwide.

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