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Javantura v7 – We Were There!

Lucija Babić, Marketing Specialist

The 7th International Java Community Conference Javantura v7 was held in Zagreb on February 22nd. Organized by the Croatian Java User Association HUJAK, it has over time become one of the largest Java community conferences in Croatia.

Our senior developers Željko and Saša held an interesting presentation entitled Working in Distributed Agile Teams. Agile development is something that all companies are used to doing, but when the team is geographically allocated, they face other challenges. Apart from challenges, there are plenty of advantages when your software development team is organized in this way, and that’s why we have decided to present our experience and the best practices we’ve found when working in distributed agile teams.

What a hot topic this is today can be checked in the results of the 13th State Of Agile Survey. Since this is a current trend in software development that is going to be used even more, here is an article that will help you implement agile principles and best practices in distributed software development teams.

Branko Mihaljević, the president of HUJAK, opened the conference by introducing new versions of Java that were announced and its most interesting new functionalities. Jan Lahod from Oracle then presented this in mode details.

Besides that, there were plenty of amazing presentations, but our developers highlighted two of them: GraalVM by example and Quarkus – Supersonic Subatomic Java and Concise Spring Boot applications with Kotlin.

We are happy to have been a part of this great conference that is growing year by year.  Although there is no unique agile methodology that is suitable for every team, we hope that our experience in working with a partly dispersed team (different cities of the same country, different countries, and different continents), teams in different time zones, cultures and different types of companies, will help others address challenges in a better way.

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