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Our Refreshed Visual Identity Is Launched

Lucija Babić, Content and Communication Specialists

After 13 years of successful organic growth, we decided to freshen ourselves up. As an award-winning consulting software development company with clients and offices worldwide, the new look & feel is implemented. There is a new logo, new typography, new corporate colors, and a refreshed website. The idea behind our name and our visual identity comes from an oasis of diversity.

New, Refreshed Chameleon

Although we got a completely new visual identity, we retained our recognizable, and now graphically stylized chameleon which has been our trademark from the very beginning.

The new look draws inspiration from the chameleon's eye, which symbolizes our approach to business. First, we study the client’s environment, as well as the challenges they are facing, and then we approach the development of a turnkey software solution.

old and new logotype
Old and new logotype

The symbol in the new logo represents our consultative approach and our specializations, as well as our main goal: to deliver a reliable and comprehensive software solution to our clients.

The new typography, which includes a new stylized chameleon, completes our new visual identity and rounds off the previous successes and the business expansion.  You have surely noticed it while reading this post.

Oasis of Diversity and Excellence

Diversity and excellence are our foundation.

Look at the technologies and industries that we are working with. Just to mention that we expanded to a new continent – after a successful 2020, we enthusiastically entered North America with new clients in 2021.

In the beginning, we were a startup company. Over the years we developed our own corporate values that were part of the rebranding brief and which are incorporated in our new visual identity. They are TAAP: Teamwork, Ambition, Agility, and Professionalism.

Now you can find diversity in our new corporate colors, too.

Although the new visual identity was guided by our previous main color (green), now it is refreshed and enriched with additional colors that emphasize the diversity of technologies, methodologies, and industries in which we operate. Now you will notice a portfolio of 5 colors, and each color is meant for different departments.

Contribution to the Croatian IT Scene 

The growth we achieved is recognized among a huge pool of European companies. We have recently been recognized by the Financial Times and Statista, where we got placed on the prestigious list of the top 1000 fastest growing European companies with a growth rate of 286,4. It is not easy to get listed because this list isn’t only for the IT sector. During the last year, we got 4 Clutch awards.

Those recognitions are proof that we are doing good and prospective work that significantly contributes to the Croatian IT scene.

We are sure that our new visual identity and our chameleon Geti will represent us even better in the global IT market.

Let's do business

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