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Our Split Office is Officially Open!

Marko Kaselj, Marketing Specialist

Every expansion, in terms of a company, is a good sign. This usually means that the company is doing well, and when you see our most recent business expansion – a new office in Split – you'll know what we mean!

As we already had three offices in Croatia – our Zagreb HQ and development centers in Bjelovar and Varaždin, it seemed logical to expand our operations in the Dalmatia region and Split as its cultural and societal center. The fact that we already have a few hard-working colleagues from Split also played an important role in this decision.

So, the time has come to make our Split office operable and present it to the local community of developers and journalists. The difference between some other, standard co-working offices and our Split's office is that our newest space is situated on the Riva! For those unfamiliar, it is Split's historic promenade next to the sea. Riva has some mythological meaning for Split, as it is one of the most recognizable places in Split, where many city celebrations are taking place. Sun, beaches, and the neverending smell of coffee from bars and restaurants on Riva is something our colleagues could enjoy (even though we, of course, have great coffee in our office). A balcony that oversees the whole place is a sight to enjoy!

Our seven-person entourage got together for a press conference held on Thursday, 28th of July, amid a summer season in Croatia. During the happening, our company's CEO, Goran, expressed his feelings regarding our newest addition, and he explained, to all present people, what Serengeti's strategic plans are for the next period.

"We already have seven employees in Split, and they fit perfectly into our way of working. Since Split and the region are strong in terms of engineering personnel, and there are excellent technical faculties, we believe that we can significantly expand our engineering team and offer people possibilities to work on large projects for international clients. The Split office is an important pillar in our future development plans, which largely depends on the ability to attract and retain quality engineering staff," said Goran on this occasion.

Well, enough of a talk. We spoke so much about the grandeur of our new office locations, so let the pictures be your witness:

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