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Serengeti among top Custom Software Development Companies in Croatia


Awards and recognitions are always nice to receive. Recognition for our work helps us to stop and smell the roses. It also helps us place the work that we have done into perspective. One may think that an award is the destination, but it is just a milestone on an even bigger journey. Over the past 15 years, Serengeti has grown as a company, and we believe that the lessons learnt along the way to get to an accomplishment is what awards truly represent. We tend to forget to reflect on the journey and awards helps us to take a moment and reflect on the period leading up to our accomplishments so that we can reenergize ourselves for the challenges ahead.

Clutch, a platform of in-depth client reviews, data driven content and vetted market leaders, has named Serengeti again on their lists of some of the most successful B2B companies in the IT sector in Croatia. Their catalogue of reviews allows B2B service providers to gain recognition and prestige and we are happy to have made these lists once again.

According to Clutch, Serengeti is among the best Croatian companies in  software development / custom software development companies. Also, our development team has been recognized for the top IT consultants list , clouds computing consultants list  and we are amongst the top 18 Artificial Intelligence companies in Croatia. All these recognitions are a direct result of our quality work and the positive reviews we have received from our satisfied long-term clients. That only fuels our desire for knowledge and fuels our long-term goals to become an even greater company in the future.

At Serengeti we focus on the team extension model where our IT specialists work directly with client teams to deliver the best possible software solutions.

Ranking as one of the best Croatian companies on Clutch regarding a few mentioned categories that are integral to our business makes us genuinely proud. We'd like to thank each of our clients who left a review based on our cooperation.

Our professional, case-by-case interactive approach, brought us here. We are grateful that we have had the opportunity to work with clients from a variety of industries including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, energy, retail, and logistics.  

As a reliable B2B partner we can deliver a product entirely customizable for your needs. The recognition that Clutch has given us is just a snapshot of the excellent work that we have delivered to our clients. Find out how Serengeti can provide you with solutions to your business challenges.

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