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Serengeti Crowned as Top Croatian Company for 2021


We at Serengeti are here to help you take your business to the next level with our innovative technologies and unique Team Extension Model. Our passionate and result-driven team bravely faces the most complicated business challenges to provide successful digital transformation. With more than 300 victorious projects, we’re proud to show off our specializations. We are experts in DevOps and agile principles while having visionary trends in our hands. As a result, we guarantee to deliver the perfect solution for every client we partner with.

Since 2007, we’ve been working hard to deliver the best results we could ever give to our clients. While the world doesn’t stop developing, expectations are also getting higher. That’s what we never stop from learning and practicing to keep up with the trends. Over the last couple of years, we got the opportunity to work on many amazing projects that use modern technologies such as machine learning, business process automation, and application integration.

In line with that, we are proud to announce that Clutch recognized all our efforts and included us in their top companies in Croatia for 2021. Clutch is a platform that provides verified B2B reviews with their team of independent analysts. They conduct interviews with former and current clients of solutions providers listed on their site.

We are more than happy to receive such recognition from a company that meticulously curates service providers to determine the best by industry and location while allowing entrepreneurs to find suitable services for their business needs. 

Moreover, this award proves how capable and expert we are in our industry, inspiring us to continue working harder and improving our services. 

Are you interested in doing business with us? Contact us, and let’s discuss your challenges. Serengeti will help you leverage all possible opportunities for your business.

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