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Serengeti: Split Tech City's newest member

Marko Kaselj, Marketing Specialist

Serengeti is continuously finding new ways to expand our business and more importantly, interact with the community around us. Although we have achieved a lot over the past few years, such as being named on Clutch’s lists for top software development companies in Croatia, there is still much we can expand on as a company in this industry.

All eyes on Split

Besides the seaside town boasting beautiful beaches, and an amazing social life, it was no surprise that Serengeti was eying the vibrant Adriatic city for a while now. Of course, there were some earlier plans to open an office in Split, but now the conditions were ripe to open an office in Split. Simply put, Serengeti has an ever more increasing number of colleagues from Split. Keeping our employees’ best interests in mind, Serengeti decided to open a new office in Split in April. This will be our fourth office in Croatia (Serengeti has offices in Zagreb, Bjelovar, and Varaždin) and sixth office worldwide (we have an office in Kragujevac, Serbia, and an office in Nairobi, Kenya). We wanted to enable them to come to the office whenever they want and hang out with colleagues and collaborate in person. 

Who wouldn't like to work in Split? The Riva (eng. boardwalk), beaches, sun, and learning the art of fjaka - the dalmatian way of doing absolutely nothing and relaxing – these are just some of the reasons why our employees will enjoy working in Split.

Split over the years has attracted a lot of tech talent. The second most populous city in the country has a vibrant tech scene. It was essential to be amongst some of the most active and vivacious tech enthusiasts in the city under Marjan. Therefore, we decided to cooperate with our new partner - Split Tech City.

Split Tech City

Split Tech City is Split’s primary community which includes companies, associations, institutions, and individual programmers. Since 2010, Split Tech city has gathered and connected IT experts and those who wanted to become tech experts in Split and in greater Dalmatia. More than 150 meetups, lectures, and other educational events have been held thus far and the community has 1000 individual members and companies (and counting).

Split Tech City is not just a representation of the work of startup community in Split, but it is a tangible move towards the further development of Split’s tech scene, creating more job opportunities for not only Split's residents, but the nearby cities as well. It is a necessary step to diversifying Split's economic output, which has historically been geared towards tourism.

From our first call with Split Tech City, things have gone smooth, and we are planning great things in the future for us to cooperate even further into the future. 

Since becoming new members of the Split Tech City community of companies, our GETI bloggers has been able to publish their works on the Split Tech City community website and social media channels. Our digital marketing manager, Malina Krišto, has already published a post on the Split Tech City website. In addition to this – it is now easier for Serengeti to onboard new colleagues to join our expanding company and by doing so, will allow people to stay in the Dalmatia region of the country. If this isn't sweet enough, the cherry on top of this partnership is the ability to hold events and use Split Tech City as a platform to interact with the community and to give back to a region that has given us so many great employees.

Let's do business

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