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Serengeti team was at JavaCro `19


International Conference, JavaCro`19 was held on May 12-14. For eight years in a row, it traditionally brings together a growing Java community. The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Java Users (HUJAK) and the Croatian Association of Oracle Users (HROUG). In 2019 the conference was held on a new location; the beautiful hotel SOL Istra Garden in Blue Lagoon near Umag.

Lectures were grouped as follows: 

  • Trends & Java in future (Architecture, IoT, Big Data, Clouds, NoSQL, Alternate Languages, Embedded, Robots, etc.)
  • Business Technology & Case Studies (Solutions, Experiences, BPM, etc.)
  • Java Platforms, Programming Frames, and Servers (Java SE, Java EE, JavaFX, JVM Languages, Frames, Application Servers, Portals, etc.)
  • Methods and Tools (DevOps, Agile, Forms, Various Tools such as IDE, ALM, Development Tools, Continuous Development, Continuous Integration, Testing, Quality, Source Control, Security, Performance, Optimization, Caching)
  • Java community (Contributions from Java activities locally and abroad)

Our CEO, Goran Kalanj held a lecture named based on our slogan: "Promise Possible, Deliver Even More" on Tuesday, 14 May. Besides, our experienced developers Simon Šporer and Ante Klisović held a presentation in which they show to the attendees how to use Flowable as the Business Activity Engine implementation. They mentioned some of the tricks and instructions for developing business applications, using BPMN 2.0 standards based on personal experiences.

We are proud of our presenters because they presented our passion and knowledge in the best light, which is confirmed by high rates in a conference survey. So, we are barely waiting for next year conference to share our best practices and learn from others.

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