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We are among TOP 100 IT Croatian exporting companies


Our headquarter is in Zagreb, Croatia but most of our clients are in Western Europe. We are developing complex enterprise applications, using the Team Extension model.

How we are doing

The Team Extension model means that our development team has expertise in several industrial verticals. We offer our partners a complete software consultancy service. Our development teams collaborate closely with the client team and are well acquainted with the partners' processes. Thanks to such business models, our team look and acts as extensions of the client team. Our specialists are involved in business-to-business improvement, system design, and programming the proposed solution.


Such business model proves to be an excellent practice and we increased the company's exports by 54% in 2017! Export of HRK 7.5 million over the past year provided us with a place among the 100 most successful Croatian exporters.

Except for export, Serengeti is positioned in two more Top 100 charts! We are among the largest and best companies on the domestic software IT scene by total revenue. Furthermore, we are in the top 100 in the software segment according to the highest average wage per employees in 2017.

All figures have been properly collected, processed, and published by the ICT Business portal, and you can check them on the ICT Business official website.

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