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Coronavirus has given us a precious gift of time to reflect, time to air out, take a deep breath and clear our minds from all trivia we perceived as important.

Suddenly, overnight we turned around and found ourselves swirling in bugles shaped abyss, shocked and in denial that something like Coronvirus can take priority over the lives we've lived, the technology we have developed, holidays we've planned, salaries we've competed for, the security we thought we had, the ambition we carried, hobbies we enjoyed. All the sudden we became so dependent on the strength of our mind and spirit.

Sense of unity started to dive out, being taught that the only way to fight the monster is to encourage each other, listen and shift our focus to what really matters- our health and safety.

At Serengeti, we are focused on helping companies to reinvent their business models through the technological support we are giving.

While we applaud to each effort to suppress the effect of COVID-19, Serengeti will continue supporting our clients remotely, providing them with timely and efficient solutions.

We established set of guidelines to help us go through the crisis:

1. Fear is never good.

One thing we know for sure is that panic and fear never deliver anything good. We are keeping track of the available information provided by Croatian institute of public health when making decisions.

2. Communicate transparently with employees

In times of crisis, this is a must, and it is not only appliable to our internal communication, but also to our communication with our clients.

3. Implement remote work

We embrace remote work by giving our people the opportunity to do so. We implemented IT infrastructure in place to allow fluent and efficient home office connectivity.

4. Embrace our values!

Teamwork, Agility, Ambition, Professionalism. We are in this together, and the way we take our stand can and will affect others. We must be responsible, yet able to change our habits when the situation is explicitly asking this from us.

5. Reduce travel and meetings

We cut on our travels, but we still handle all our meetings and discussions virtually.

6. Stay obsessed with hygiene

No handshakes, constantly washing our hands, disinfecting surfaces, doorknobs and elevator buttons on each floor is our routine.

7. Cancel group meetings/get-togethers/parties

We say no to monthly gatherings, team buildings and conferences- until better times.

8. Take extra care of people in at-risk group

People with the naturally weak immune system or long-term medical conditions are encouraged to work remotely for their own sake.

Chinese symbol for opportunity is the same one as for danger.

We will not allow ourselves to get lost in panic and negativity because this is simply not an option. Things will definitely change as this is something greater than us, pointing that at the end of the day we are just so little and so vulnerable despite all the greatness that we've invented as humans.

Our strength in these tough moments must come from ourselves. In Serengeti, this is our mantra. Focus, listen to available data coming from experts, do what you can to protect yourselves and the people around you.

Stay strong!

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