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We are launching a webinar program

Lucija Babić, Marketing Specialist

You probably figured by now that there are many ways to conduct a meeting, education, and for some even a reward ceremony. Possibilities seem to be endless once we are kicked out of our comfort zone. We at Serengeti are taking digitalization quite naturally as this is a part of our way of doing business.

Our first webinar will be held on May 28th at 11 AM

We are going to present the challenges and the business benefits of microservices implementation.

Microservices are distributed architecture of a system that consists of several isolated modules, working together and forming a greater whole. 

For sure it is a hot topic those days, especially when the whole world is facing a crisis in which some companies have a rapid growth of transactions (or users) while others experience stagnation or downfall. These are the situations in which we see how important it is to be able to be flexible and scalable.

The webinar will be hosted by our Senior Software Developer Nebojša Pongračić who wrote a few great posts about it, and our Head of Marketing Ana Milas. Together, they will present why you should move from cost-inefficient monolith architecture with a real-life example of collaboration with the payment processing company. Together they will share our experience of implementing microservice architecture and immediate business benefits.

Furthermore, we also prepared bonus content for webinar attendees that you can use afterwards.

Save your spot and join us on May 28th at 11 AM to see what are the 5 benefits that microservice implementation can bring to your business!

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