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We Earned Our First Reviews on Clutch With an Average Grade of 4.7

Lucija Babić, Marketing Specialist

Here at Serengeti, we are proud to bring high-quality custom software development outsourcing skills to the table. Founded in 2007, our team has the prerequisite skills to deliver talent that can scale up your business. Serengeti uses a consultative approach and helps companies reinvent their business models using innovative information technology so they can successfully address business challenges, embrace digital transformation and become industry leaders.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve received our first three reviews on Clutch, a leading provider of B2B ratings and reviews. Furthermore, we also published several case studies which provide more details about each project

Clutch is a market research firm that collects verified client feedback to evaluate companies. Their catalog of reviews allows B2B service providers to gain recognition and prestige. We’re proud to rank as one of the best Croatian firms on Clutch and The Manifest, their sister site. On The Manifest, a research hub and company listings page, buyers can find the best match for their project.

In our first review featured on Clutch, we provided staff augmentation for a medical device manufacturer. Two of our developers worked full-time with their in-house team. Our team was lauded for our ability to streamline processes and understand internal needs.

We have faster time-to-market because we have a shorter hiring process for our temporary workers. We’re now able to scale the team based on project requirements in a really short period of time. In the past, it took us up to six months to set up a team with temporary, external people. With Serengeti, it takes about four weeks, because our two permanent resources know our needs, projects, and processes. They help us when we need special skills, like software architecture.
Head of R&D at audifon gmbH

We’re very grateful for all the clients that have taken the time to leave us feedback on Clutch. All these kind words are motivating for our team and we look forward to receiving every review! We’d also like to thank the Clutch team for providing such a great service. If you are a part of one of the many companies looking for increased technical support, Serengeti is happy to lend a hand.

If you are looking to augment your staff and help scale up your business in an effective manner, Serengeti is the place to go. Feel free to contact us today so we can get started on transforming your business!

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