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DDRA: Distributed Development Readiness Assessment

Distributed Development Readiness Assessment (DDRA) service

If you consider building remote team for the first time, consider our fixed time service that can help you assess internal readiness and find out prerequisites for successful implementation.

Who should consider DDRA service?

Every company that struggles to keep up the pace of software development required by business. One of the primary reasons is shortage of high qualified software engineers at their disposal and insufficient sourcing practices. When waiting too long to hire external partner and hoping that the challenge will just disappear by itself companies are taking big risk. We are many times asked to help in such situations and we know what companies are going through. When things get out of control and deadlines are already missed on boarding new teams is not an easy effort. Our Team Extension model is streamlined to help in such situations but starting on boarding few months earlier would for sure make big positive difference.
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Readiness assessment service goals

For companies that don't have experience with any kind of distributed development it is natural to see more risks then benefits. Therefore, we created readiness assessment service that will help companies see what are potential obstacles to successful implementation. Based on results they can decide if they are ready and better prepare internally. Our service can be useful both for working with external partner and for setting up internal remote team. Internal software development maturity, realistic expectations and preparedness for distributed development plays very important role in successful remote team on boarding and management.
Remote team transition can be optimized for speed of ramp up, minimal management overhead, or cost effectiveness. Each is very different in approach and setup. Different projects have different potential for remote development. Internal organization and maturity of agile methodologies which is different for every organization also have big impact. All that is analyzed during our engagement.

Duration and price of DDRA service

fixed time 3 weeks duration
price 6.000 Euro

Who shall attend

All people in management positions in your company responsible for software projects delivery. Head of software engineering, CTO, team leads, project managers etc. A group of 4-8 people is ideal.

What will you gain

The deliverable is a comprehensive document which contains the following key topics:
Analysis of company key software engineering objectives, plans, challenges and expectations
Analysis of entire internal software R&D department organization
Special focus on use of agile methodologies and frameworks (e.g. Scrum)
Special focus on how mature is company's current engineers on boarding process
Analysis of different ongoing and planned projects (architecture, quality of code, quality of documentation, DevOps practices)
Proposing the best project candidate for distributed development
Based on chosen project decide how remote team transition should be optimized (fastest ramp up, minimum management overhead or low cost)
Discovering potential internal or external obstacles
Conclusion about overall distributed development readiness, defining prerequisites and areas of improvement for successful implementation
Choosing the right nearshore partner for your software product development:

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