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TIRO: Team Instability Resilient Operations

Team instability resilient operations (TIRO) service

If evaluating engineers long term loyalty is becoming primary focus of your selection process, you might be interesting how to make your engineering processes more resilient to changes. Consider our fixed time service that can help make your organization less vulnerable to high engineer’s churn rate.

Who should consider TIRO service?

Companies that are developing complex enterprise applications where on boarding of new team members takes long time. Companies that want to rapidly improve team stability, agility and speed of new team onboarding.

We would all like to have low engineers churn rate. The reality is that it is not the case, even worse it is very unpredictable. When engineers leave it causes team instability with inevitable consequences on team morale and project deadlines. The higher seniority level and longer person works in the company, the bigger is impact.

This challenge is getting more prevalent every year since millennials percentage of workforce is increasing. It is no secret that younger generations are more dynamic when it comes to career development opportunities. Keeping them in same company for 10 years seems impossible yet many companies are organized in a way that they rely on long term employee's retention. Recent Stack Overflow Developer Insight reports that almost 60% developers worldwide changed job in last two years. No wonder more and more of our customers are asking us the same question 'can you help us improve stability of our teams'.

Did you know that leading tech companies like Google and Amazon are among those with highest engineer's churn rate in tech industry? Yet it does not compromise their ability to innovate and release new product at staggering pace.

Resilient operations service goals

Goal of this service is to provide guidelines for organizing internal software development processes and implement tools that will enable on boarding new engineers faster and more efficient. That is becoming crucial asset of good organized R&D department. DevOps, modern software architectures (e.g. microservices), automated testing, SCRUM, good documentation, refactoring, coding standards compliance are integrated approaches that make organization more resilient to all kind of changes including changes in team set up.

Our TIRO service will help you organize R&D operations and define technology and tools stack that will make you more resilient to team instability.

Duration and price of TIRO service

Fixed time 4 weeks duration,
Price 8.000 Euro

Who shall attend

All people in management positions in your company responsible for software projects delivery. Head of software engineering, CTO, team leads, project managers etc. A group of 4-8 people is ideal.

What will you gain

Analysis of company key software engineering objectives, plans, challenges and expectations
Analysis of entire internal software R&D department organization
Special focus on use of agile methodologies and frameworks, DevOps and modern software architectures (e.g. microservices)
Special focus on how mature is company's current engineers on boarding process
Analysis of applied coding standards, automated testing, documenting and other engineering best practices
Conclusion about possible changes and improvements in internal software R&D department organization and implementation of tools that help improve company agility and resilience to unexpected changes
Discovering potential internal or external obstacles to changes implementation
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